Preparing for religious life as a Dehonian

Novices Hubert and John serve at Mass
E ach year we ask our students in formation to introduce themselves. This year’s group includes four candidates, four professed seminarians, and three novices. They are men from a wide variety of cultural, educational and work backgrounds. Yet they all speak of their shared call to the spirituality found […]

Welcoming the stranger

“I’d like to challenge each of us today to reach out beyond our personal boundaries and take the risk of meeting someone in the community whom we do not know, whose name we have not learned, whose story we have not heard, whose life, traditions and culture still remain a mystery to us.  Our world […]

Weekly News, November 12, 2018

Let us not only give prayers of thanks for those who have served their countries but also prayers of hope that we may some day live in a world of peace, inspired by the love found in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Veterans Day
Veterans Day took on a special meaning this year not only for Americans, […]

Weekly News: November 5, 2018

“What unites us is much greater than what divides us”
– Pope John XXIII
We pray that the words of Pope John XXIII remain in our hearts and minds as Americans enter into the election process tomorrow, November 6.  May these words continue to guide leaders throughout the world. 

Special election issue
The US Province Office of Justice, Peace […]