Reflecting on the attack of the US Capitol

Fr. Ed

Fr. Ed Kilianski, SCJ, provincial superior of the US Province of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, writes the following in response to last week’s incidents in Washington, DC:

Horror, disbelief and sadness. These are the emotions that continue to run through me as I reflect on the uprising that took place on the US Capitol on January 6.

Of course, like so many, I was horrified to see the brazen desecration of one of the most significant symbols of our democracy. It was hard to believe that this was happening in the United States of America.

But most of all I was and continue to be sad.

I strongly condemn every word and action that knowingly inspired people to breach our Capitol, that welcomed violence and blatant disregard of law.

However, as horrific as the events of the day were, equally horrific is how our country, and perhaps our world, has become so polarized that we can no longer hear each other, that we live in a society where it is even possible for such an event to take place.

I recently received a message from Fr. Carlos Luis Suarez Cordorniú, SCJ, our superior general. He expressed his own pain in seeing the images of the “democratic life of the United States attacked,” and urged SCJs “to continue working for a society that lives its values of coexistence, tolerance and genuine freedom.”

Our Rule of Life calls us as Dehonians – as Priests of the Sacred Heart – to be “Prophets of love and servants of reconciliation of people and the world.”

This is an urgent call for our time.

I condemn the violence that has been expressed against our democracy. I encourage you to not only pray for, but to work for peace in our country, peace in our world.