Syrian refugees become part of Canadian mosaic

Nada, Riwa and Andre surrounded by the SCJ community and members of the Sunday worship group

Refugee family celebrates 1st year in Canada

Last year Dehonians in Ottawa, in partnership with those who join the community in worship on Sundays, welcomed a refugee family from Syria: Nada Sabha and her adult children Riwa and Andre Bouland. The Dehonians joined Canadians across the country in a national project to welcome, sponsor and resettle Syrians who had fled their country as it plunged deeper into a violent civil war.

On Sunday, October 22, the family celebrated its first year in Canada. They did so with a meal of thanks, featuring Syrian dishes, for those who had helped them during the past year. The meal took place at the SCJ community house in Ottawa.

“It was a wonderful evening with lots of laughter,” said Fr. John van den Hengel, SCJ, regional superior. “On behalf of the family, Riwa Boulad thanked the sponsors and all the new friends of the family for their support. It was an emotional moment for them. They have come to love their new country and have come a long way in becoming part of the mosaic that is Canada.”

Although the official year of sponsorship has come to an end, the Sunday worship group will continue to serve as a resource to the family.