2020 US Province Assembly

The 2020 US Province Assembly will take place June 9-12. The theme is: “Called to Mission: Availability and Adaptability.”

Invitation letter

Click here to read the organizing committee’s invitation letter.


The following people have indicated whether they will or will not attend the June 9-12 US Province Assembly. Don’t see your name on the list? Click here to RSVP.

YES (attending the assembly)

Fr. Bryan Benoit
Fr. Edgard Biankeu
Fr. Bob Bossie
Fr. Tom Cassidy
Fr. John Czyzynski
Fr. Joe Dean
Br. Diego Diaz
Fr. Joseph Thien Dinh
Br. Andy Gancarczyk
Fr. Tim Gray
Fr. Christianus Hendrik
Fr. Wayne Jenkins
Fr. Ed Kilianski
Fr. Anthony Kluckman
Fr. Jack Kurps
Br. Duane Lemke
Fr. Richard MacDonald
Fr. Mark Mastin
Fr. Ziggy Morawiec
Fr. Joseph Mukuna
Dn. David Nagel
Frater Henry Nguyen
Jonathan Nguyen-Vuong (candidate)
Frater Long Nguyen
Fr. Quang Nguyen
Fr. Vien Nguyen
Fr. Dominic Peluse
Br. Frank Presto
Fr. Rafael Querobin
Fr. Jim Schroeder
Jacob Smith (candidate)
Fr. Andrzej Sudol
Fr. Greg Speck
Fr. Vincent Suparman
Br. Brian Tompkins
Fr. Jim Walters
Fr. Frank Wittouck
Fr. Ed Zemlik

UNABLE to attend

Frater Paul Phong Hoang
Fr. Ralph Intronuovo
Fr. Steve Pujdak