August 23, 2010

SHST faculty and staff for the 2010-2011 school year.

A new year at SHST

August 23 is the first day of classes at Sacred Heart School of Theology in Hales Corners, Wis.  Not only is the seminary welcoming one of its largest in-coming classes but it also starts the 2010-2011 year with one of its the largest overall student bodies in many years.  The opening liturgy is on Wednesday, August 25. To learn more about SHST click here to visit its website.

SCJ ministry returns to South African mission

Young people at St. Teresa Mission in South Africa gather for a photo with SCJ Frs. Joshua and Ntsikelelo and other youth ministers at the mission.

A first-time visitor to St. Teresa Mission in the Diocese of Aliwal North, South Africa, notices many things.  First, there are the children.  Young children and teenagers; laughing, playing games and practicing music for an upcoming Mass.

There are ladies in purple, representing the St. Ann Society.  Other women pour out from the kitchen, hands busy, preparing a feast-day meal.

And soccer balls.  During 2010 –– the year of the World Cup –– it seems that soccer balls are everywhere.

Two young SCJ priests –– Frs. Ntsikelelo Bambatha and Joshua Morosi Mpiti –– wander between the joyful chaos. Ordained in December, 2009, they are the reason that the Priests of the Sacred Heart are back at St. Teresa following a five-year hiatus.

A feature about St. Teresa has been posted on the province website under the “News” section.  Click here to go directly to it.

Provincial’s time

Fr. Cassidy has his visitation with the Sacred Heart Monastery Community this week, and the Dehon Study Center.  Starting August 30 he has a week in South Dakota. The next council meetings are September 14-15.


Br. Bernard Taube
Please note that there was a typo in Br. Bernard’s phone number as listed in the printed and online directories.  His correct number is: 608-245-0437

Fr. Peter Botman
New e-mail:

Fr. Richard Johnston
New e-mail:

Fr. Mark Mastin
As many of you may know, Fr. Mark applied to be a chaplain with the U.S. Army.  He was accepted and will begin his training in January, 2011.  Until then, Fr. Mark has been assigned to St. James and St. Anthony parishes in South Dakota.

Br. Gabriel Kersting
Br. Gabe and his niece flew by air ambulance from Pittsburgh to St. Petersburg, Fl., on Wednesday, August 18.  He is now residing at Carrington Place, where he will get  physical and occupational therapy.  Fr. Greg Speck said that Br. Gabe “ate well last night and again this morning. He even went to the dining room in a wheelchair for breakfast. They want to start physical therapy on him immediately.”

Br. Gabe is in room 210.  He does not have a phone in his room, but individuals may send cards and notes to him as he would appreciate hearing from people.  His address is:

Carrington Place
10501 Roosevelt Boulevard North,  Room 210
St. Petersburg, FL  33716-3815

Members of the Canadian Region came together for their annual assembly last week.

Getting together north of the border

From August 16-19 members of the Canadian Region gathered at Manoir d’Youville on St. Bernard Island (near Montréal) for their annual assembly.  The region prides itself on making the assembly a priority for all members.  Only two were unable to be there this year, both because of health issues.

The assembly began with a commemoration of all the deceased SCJs who had been a part of the region.  Since the SCJs began their presence in Canada 100 years ago, over 50 SCJs –– many from France and the Netherlands –– have died.

In the following days, Fr. John van den Hengel, general councilor and former superior of the region, presented the 2009-2015 Program of the General Administration.  Those gathered also discussed the “State of the Region,” issues and concerns of each region’s committees, expectations of the regional superior and his council, and the financial well-being of the region.  The Canadian SCJs also discussed the welcoming of international SCJs both for long and short-term visits or assignments.  Already the region has quite an international mix including SCJs from the Netherlands, Indonesia, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as both English and French-speaking Canadians,

Much as the U.S. Province did at its July assembly, the Canadian SCJs processed both the general program as well as the needs and concerns of the region to assist the regional council in developing its own program for the years ahead.

On Wednesday, the region celebrated anniversaries including the 60th anniversary of the ordination of Fr. Walter van As, the 50th anniversary of profession of Fr. Claude Bédard and the 25th anniversary of profession of Dieudonne Tchouteu.

Remembering the founder

Fr. Leo John Dehon, founder of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, died on August 12, 1925.  Around the world this date is commemorated in a variety of ways.

In the District of India, the anniversary is very much a day for the students.  Each year students from the three academic programs in Kerala gather to take part in activities to remember the founder.  This year the celebration was postponed to Sunday, August 15.  The day included prayer, quiz show-like games where students compete to answer questions about Fr. Dehon and the Priests of the Sacred Heart, sports, and –– of course –– lots of food.

The final event of the day was an outdoor liturgy during which Fr. Sanil was presented with a mission cross; he will soon leave for ministry in South Africa.  Also, Fr. Matthew  was blessed as he prepares to leave for further studies in Manila.