Weekly News: July 6, 2014

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Chapter opens with a jubilee celebration

The Provincial Chapter opens today, July 7, with an 11 a.m. Eucharist at the Good Shepherd Chapel at Sacred Heart at Monastery Lake. Fr. Leonard Tadyszak’s 70th anniversary of vows will be celebrated during the opening Mass.

The chapter’s first session is at 1:45 p.m. at the Provincial Conference Center.

During Tuesday’s 5 p.m. Eucharist Br. Clay Diaz Vlaida will make his final profession. This will also take place at SHML.

Chapter sessions will be held at the Provincial Conference Center; Eucharist and evening meals will be at Sacred Heart at Monastery Lake. Lunch will be at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology.

The chapter is scheduled to conclude with lunch on Friday, July 11.

Be sure to check the province Facebook page and website during the week for photos and updates from the chapter.

70 years of religious life!

Fr. Leonard Tadyszak, SCJ
Fr. Leonard Tadyszak, SCJ

As noted above, Fr. Leonard Tadyszak, 92, celebrates 70 years of religious life this year.

A Milwaukee native, Fr. “Tady,” as he is often called, learned of the Priests of the Sacred Heart through an advertisement in a religious magazine. “It was so small I could barely see it,” he said of the ad. “But I felt like I was called to serve the Sacred Heart so I contacted them.”

At 19 he was considered a “PG” or “post-graduate” student, so he was placed in an intensive two-year Latin program at Divine Heart Seminary in Donaldson, Ind.

Fr. Tady did his theology studies at Sacred Heart Monastery and after ordination went back to the place he started: Divine Heart. He was assigned as a Latin teacher.

“I didn’t know Latin all that well,” he said, looking back on that first year. “All I had were those two years at Donaldson and a little more later on. But I stayed about two days ahead of the class so I could figure out what they were going to ask. After seven years I actually got to know the language pretty well!”

He later served as a missionary in South Africa, and in seminaries and parishes throughout the province.

Click here to read more about Fr. Tady on the province website.

Photos of his jubilee celebration will be posted on the province Facebook page.

Please remember

Sr. Rosemary Zimmer, OSU, the aunt of Fr. Wayne Jenkins, died June 30 in Chatham, Ontario. She was a member of the Ursaline Sisters of Chatham.

Reminder to local treasurers

The provincial treasurer’s office reminds local treasurers that as of July 1 the medical contribution for members increases to $900 per month. The retirement contribution remains the same at $200.

Questions? Contract Kevin Stanke at provtreas3@usprovince.org or call him at 414-427-4270

Letter of thanks to religious sisters

On the occasion of the anniversary of Fr. Leo John Dehon’s first profession on June 28, 1878, and with it, the founding of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, Fr. Stephen Huffstetter, in the name of the U.S. Province, sent a letter of thanks to the religious sisters who have served with congregation in the United States. The letter was prepared in collaboration with David Schimmel, province director of Dehonian Affiliates.

Click here to read the letter on the province website:

Summer ESL program underway

Kelly Kornacki, ESL director, talks with a student
Kelly Kornacki, ESL director, talks with a student

The first session of Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology’s summer ESL (English as a Second Language) program began last week. It includes 28 priests, sisters and religious brothers from nine countries (Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, DR Congo, Guatemala, Haiti, Poland, Rwanda and Vietnam).

And after a trial session last year, the seminary is offering a summer Accent Modification Program. Besides accent modification, the program also addresses communication in an American ministerial context as well as American culture in general. Two priests and four seminarians will participate in the program.

Click here to read a previously published article about the Accent Modification Program.

Dehonian Spirituality

The July 4 (Independence Day) update to the Dehonian Spirituality page centered on themes related to civic duty.

“For anyone who wishes to follow the spirit of Fr. Leo John Dehon, the daily act of oblation is valuable only if the prayer leads to some constructive movement, whether another moment of interior conversion or a contribution to the transformation of society,” begins one of the reflections. “In this light, a daily prayer of oblation can motivate us, in the words of Dehon, to ‘be good citizens, devoted to our country and to all its interests, moral and material.’”

Click here to read the rest of this, and other prayers and reflections, on the Dehonian Spirituality page.


Celebrating Mass near the Bethsaida dig
Celebrating Mass near the Bethsaida dig

Bethsaida expedition concludes

The Bethsaida archeological expedition, sponsored by Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, came to an end last week. Click here to read about the students’ experience in the Holy Land and view photos.

Feast day in Ottawa

Our thanks to Fr. Gustave Lulendo who sent photos of the Canadian Region’s celebration of Feast of the Sacred Heart in Ottawa. Click here to view them on the province Facebook page.

Provincial’s time

Fr. Stephen Huffstetter takes part in the Provincial Chapter this week.