Weekly News: March 11, 2013

Fr. Kusmaryadi with staff at Yos Sudarso Metro High School
Fr. Kusmaryadi with staff at Yos Sudarso Metro High School

Supporting education in Indonesia

Fr. Tom Cassidy recently received a letter from Fr. F.X. Kusmaryadi, director of Yos Sudarso Metro High School in Lampung Province, Indonesia. The US Province committed $55,000 toward the Yos Sudarso Foundation which serves a diverse population of financially poor Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist families.

Fr. Kus, an alumnus of Sacred Heart School of Theology’s ESL program, writes:

“I would like to thank you for your sending funds for Yos Sudarso. I have received the first installment and would like to proudly inform you about our school’s development with your financial help. First, we have used the fund to improve teachers welfare. [Teachers at the school were receiving a very minimal salary.] Second, we are in the process of installing toilet facilities for the students.

“At the senior high school we now have laboratories for language, computers and science. We also have two multimedia classes. These facilities help teachers deliver their lessons. The labs also make the classes more enjoyable and understandable for the students. We hope to add more facilities in the future.

“Money will later go toward providing musical instruments. Many of our students are talented in music. That’s why we are going to provide them quality equipment that will support their ability. Furthermore, we firmly believe that music improves overall education. Humanities are important.

“Again, thank you for your constant support.”


Fr. Jan de Jong had a stent put in last week; he was said to be doing well following the procedure.


Br. Mike Fette will be at the Lebh Shomea House of Prayer for the next few months. His contact information:

La Parra Ranch
P.O. Box 9
Sarita, Texas 78385-0009
E-mail: mfettescj@yahoo.com

Sr. Roseanne Wagner (former SHST staff member and frequent liturgist at province functions)

Maria Linden
2735 W. Greenfield Ave., Apt. 1005
Milwaukee, WI 53215-1964


Fr. Dehon with SCJs in Albino, Italy. the site of the first Dehonian community in Italy and the location of last week's SCJ European Conference.
Fr. Dehon with SCJs and students in Albino, Italy, the site of the first Dehonian community in Italy and the location of last week’s SCJ European Conference.

Founder’s Day

March 14 marks the 170th anniversary of the birth of founder of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, Fr. Leo John Dehon,  Born in 1843 to a French aristocratic family, he credited his mother for his devotion to the Sacred Heart, a devotion which inspired him to found a religious community focused on bringing people to the love of the Sacred Heart and to promoting a more just society for workers and the most disenfranchised.

The anniversary of his birthday is known in the congregation as “Founder’s Day;” a day that celebrates the vocation of religious life as a Priest of the Sacred Heart.

Click here to download a prayer vigil for the day.

Click here to learn more about the founder.

Click here to read the letter from Fr. General in commemoration of Founders’ Day.


Fr. Tom Cassidy (left) talks with Fr. Michael Ngo of the Franco-European Province at last week’s meeting in Albino, Italy

To be a Dehonian in Europe

For several years SCJs in Europe have been asking themselves different versions of the same question. Basically, what does it mean to be a Dehonian in Europe today?

What is it that Dehonian spirituality can address? Is there a future for Sacred Heart devotion in Europe?

What does it mean to be a religious in a world that seeks spirituality but often shuns the language traditionally used to discuss it?

Marcello Neri, a former instructor at SHST, was one of the presenters in Albino.
Marcello Neri, a former instructor at SHST, was one of the presenters in Albino.

In October, 2011, European SCJs met in Clairefontaine, Belgium, to reflect on secularity and the changing role of faith and religion in the western world. Instead of being the underlying foundation of European culture, in many places, religion has now become just one of many spheres in society.

The discussions of Clairefontaine were renewed at the European major superiors meeting March 4-8 in Albino, Italy. Coupled with them was a renewed reflection on Vatican II and the council’s call to a new way of being in the modern world.

“The Heart of Christ in the Future of Europe,” was the title of the conference that included the major superiors and delegates of 14 European entities, the U.S. Province, and the General Curia. Approximately 35 SCJs were present.

Once again Dehonians asked themselves, “What does it mean to be a Dehonian in Europe today? Can the Priests of the Sacred Heart be relevant in modern society?”

Click here to read the full story on the province website.

Click below to read the final statement of the conference:


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Congrats to SHST prof

Congratulations to Fr. Michael Udoekpo, a professor at Sacred Heart School of Theology, whose article, “Paul’s Theology of the Church as the Body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:27): Its Missionary Implications for the Church in (Africa) Nigeria” appeared this month in the International Journal of African Catholicism 4:1 (2013).

Calendar reminders!

The North American Conference, which concludes Fr. General’s visitation of Canada and the United States, will begin with prayer on Tuesday, September 24 at 4:30 p.m., followed by a social and dinner. There will be a full day of activity September 25-26 and the conference will end midday on Friday, September 27. More details will be sent to SCJs soon. The location is yet to be finalized but most likely will be in Hales Corners.

The jubilee celebrations for the U.S. Province will Monday, September 23.

This week

Local superiors (coordinators) have their annual meeting on Wednesday, March 13, at Sacred Heart School of Theology. Much of the day will be spent on the State of the Province report, which SCJs are to process in preparation for the June province elections.

Provincial’s time

Fr. Tom Cassidy returned from Italy on Sunday and headed straight to the CMSM regional conference. He’ll be back in Hales Corners on Wednesday for the local superiors (coordinators) meeting, and then a council meeting on Thursday. On Saturday he goes to Phoenix, where he has family. He’ll be there until March 21.