Weekly News: March 25, 2013


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Please note that the Provincial Offices will be closed from 2 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, through Monday, April 1 in observance of Triduum and Easter.

The office reopens on Tuesday, April 2. However, news and prayer requests can be sent at any time. Click here to share a news item. Also, remember that the province Facebook page often posts information in-between updates of the Fridge Notes. Click here to access the page.

The next issue of the Fridge Notes will be published on Tuesday, April 2, instead of the usual Monday.

Diagnosed with Asperger’s, SCJ now advocates for others

Fr. Greg Schill says that even as a child he had a sense that he was experiencing the world differently than others.

With a laser beam focus of attention he often became obsessed with a single object or concern while not even seeing that which might be right in front of his eyes.

Fr. Greg Schill (right) with Br. Ray Kozuch and Br. Clay Diaz
Fr. Greg Schill (right) with Br. Ray Kozuch and Br. Clay Diaz

“I would become extraordinarily focused sometimes, so focused that I would only see what was 50 yards ahead as opposed to what was right in front of me – metaphorically and literally,” said Fr. Greg.

“I often missed what was close at hand,” he said. “And sometimes, that meant that I hurt people’s feelings, or at least left people feeling confused about my reaction to a situation.”

But even with the challenges that faced him, Fr. Greg went on to serve in the Marine Corps and earn a degree in political science before pursuing his vocation with the Priests of the Sacred Heart.

In formation, an SCJ noticed Fr. Greg’s “disconnect” and suggested that he look into it. Fr. Greg was diagnosed with Asperger’s.

An article about his experience with the syndrome is now on the province website. Click here to read it

“Being aware of those who are different is a stepping stone for strengthening our relationships with one another,” said Fr. Greg. “Accepting one another for who we are is essential in building the relationships that make the world a better place. In the words of Fr. Dehon, our founder, it is the path that leads to reconciliation.”

Fr. Thi Pham and SMOT parishioner Lauren Jensen
Fr. Thi Pham and SMOT parishioner Lauren Jensen

Pedaling nowhere for a good cause

The gymnasium at St. Martin of Tours parish in Franklin, Wis., was filled with cyclists on stationery trainers on Saturday morning. Why? Not just because the weather on the first Saturday of spring was cold and windy. The parish gym was the site of the Third Annual Pedal for the Food Pantry.

Organized by parishioners Lauren and Todd Jensen (their son David is a student at St. Martin of Tours’ school), the fund-raiser was begun as a way of doing something positive to remember a friend who was killed in a cycling accident. This year the event brought in $5,156.39 for the pantry, along with hundreds of non-perishable food donations. This brings the total raised over the past three years to just under $20,000.

The parish food pantry began in 2005 to assist families in southwest suburban Milwaukee. In its first year, there were 19 visits. Since then, visits have increased to over 600 a year, helping, on average, 55 households a month.

In a recent report prepared for Milwaukee’s Hunger Task Force by the Congressional Hunger Center it was noted that the majority of people who go to food pantries do not receive Food Share (Wisconsin’s food assistance or “food stamp” program). Visitors are often from households where an adult is employed but who often come up short when it comes to feeding their family. Food pantries like the one at St. Martin of Tours, are an import resource in the community.

Fr. Yvon Sheehy is pastor of St. Martin of Tours and Fr. Thi Pham is associate pastor.

Filling up!

Construction on the second public wing of Sacred Heart at Monastery Lake is just a few days behind schedule due to the weather (is spring ever going to come to the Midwest?).  HOWEVER, while construction might be a bit behind rentals certainly aren’t.

Units in the first wing, opened last year, are just about at capacity and over 300 people braved snow and wind to attend a recent open house for the second wing. Thirty-four applications for the new wing, scheduled to open on August 1, were accepted. Construction on the second public section is scheduled for completion in July.


Fr. Michael Burke has a new email address:

Fortune cookie rings true

On the feast of St. Joseph, Terri Powell, cook for the SCJ community in Chamberlian, made an oriental meal topped off with fortune cookies. Fr. Bernie Rosinski’s message?

“You will travel to exotic places on your next trip.”

It was the perfect fortune for a man packing his bags for the Philippines. Fr. Bernie leaves for the Philippine Region on Thursday where he will again assist with English instruction. And since he is in the “neighborhood,” Fr. Bernie will go to Vietnam at the end of April to attend the inauguration of the first SCJ house in the country.

Four named as SHST emeriti

Frs. Thomas Knoebel, Robert Schiavone, Andre Papineau and Jan de Jong will be granted the title “Professor Emeritus” at the SHST graduation ceremony on Friday, May 3, 2013.

“Each of these priests has served at Sacred Heart for many years, helping to further the mission of the seminary and teaching and modeling for many seminarians over the years,” said Msgr. Ross A. Shecterle, SHST rector, when making the announcement.

Happy birthday!

Those celebrating birthdays in April include Fr. Jim Walters (63) on April 17, Fr. Jim Schifano (68) on April 19, Fr. Ray Vega (89) on April 22, Br. Duane Lemke (41) on April 26, Fr. Tom Lind (81) on April 27 and Fr. Paul Casper (83) on April 29.

Calendar notes

A reminder to SCJs in the U.S. Province: the Province Election Assembly will begin at noon (not 4:30) on Monday, June 3.

The North American Conference, which concludes Fr. General’s visitation of Canada and the United States, will begin with prayer on Tuesday, September 24 at 4:30 p.m., and conclude with lunch on Friday, September 27.

The jubilee celebrations for the U.S. Province will Monday, September 23.

Provincial’s time

Fr. Tom Cassidy is in Milwaukee (Hales Corners) for Holy Week and Easter Week.

On April 7 he heads to South Dakota for Mission Education; he will be there through the week. April 18 he goes to Mississippi for board meetings at Sacred Heart Southern Missions. He comes home on April 20 and then leaves for Vietnam on April 22, where he will attend the inauguration of the first SCJ house in the country.

cross and thorns

Lord Jesus,
In union with your mother and your beloved disciple
At the foot of the cross,
We gaze at your open side
And contemplate the depth of mercy
With which you handed yourself over
To us sinners

As we behold your pierced heart,
May we be transformed by your compassion
For those wounded and humiliated by evil.

Take our hearts, often weary and discouraged,
And make us servants of reconciliation
And messengers of love
To a world with hungers for your peace.


From: This Day of God, community prayer book of the U.S. Province of the Priests of the Sacred Heart