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Weekly news: June 24, 2019


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When we accept the abundant love of Jesus and respond to His Sacred Heart with open hearts of our own, we are called to ask: "What more can I do?" There are many ways, through prayer, gifts and action, you can help us share the love of the Sacred Heart.



The Priests of the Sacred Heart (SCJ) are priests and brothers called to live, pray and work together, sharing the love of the Sacred Heart in our lives and ministry.



  • Maureen ConoverThu Jun 6

    Today, on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, may we prayer for all of those who have served in the military. May our children one day live in a world that no longer knows war.

  • John AndersThu Jun 6

    Let us pray for the end of gun violence.

  • essie loveTue Jan 15

    Please pray for my brother’s recovery from being neglected in a nursing (well Springs, Las Vegas) He has been left attended by staff, developed septic and went into renal failure. When this was finally realized taken to emergency room where doctors said had they waited any longer he might have died. He has a huge bed sore and so much more because of the neglect of the nursing home.
    Thank you and may God continue to bless

  • PhyllisTue Jan 15

    Please pray for my son Craig who is coping with terrible effects of chemo treatments for colon cancer every other Tuesday until April 2019.

    Thank you and God Bless you

  • Craig B. McKeeWed Dec 12

    I ask you to lift my sister Kathleen in prayer as she completes the final stages of her earthly journey after a two year battle with lung cancer. For all of our blessings together, we are grateful. Through the intercession of Father Dehon may her final days be pain-free and joyful.

  • Vendala ManfrediTue Oct 23

    Please remember in prayer my daughter, Bella, who continues to recover from severe injuries from being hit by a car, as well as the staff at Craig Hospital in Denver who are caring for her. Also, keep in prayer the special needs of several others including Gregg, Kevin, Bradley, David, Kylie, Bryce, Matt, Tristan, Nancy, Tori, Lauren, Katie, Art, Eric, Elias, Emily, Matt, Julie, Connor and Maria. God bless and thank you.

  • Sacred HeartMon Oct 22

    Please pray for the many people impacted by the migration caravan headed to the United States, including the migrants themselves. May the actions that are taken always make as a priority the good of people.

  • Sacred HeartFri Oct 19

    I ask for prayers for those who are struggling with mental health difficulties.

  • Sacred HeartSat Sep 15

    Let us pray for students, including our seminarians around the world!

  • Dawn Lushin-ManfrediMon Jul 30

    Please please pray for my daughter Bella. She is in critical condition in Arizona. She was hit by a car and has a brain injury. It is critical. Please pray!!! Pray for miracle!!!

  • Carla SaminskiThu Jul 26

    Let us prayer for the new general administration of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; may they truly listen to and hear the voice of God.

  • Anne BaxterFri Jul 6

    Please keep in prayer the children trapped in the cave in Thailand. Please pray for the man who lost his life trying to help them and for the many people continuing to try their best to save these young people.

  • mary ann cashWed Jun 20

    Prayers for my deceased daughter Diane Hanna & my husband Richard and all my deceased relatives, friends, acquintances, and for all those I don’t know, May Eternal light shine upon them O Lord and may they rest in peace; and for all the souls in purgatory & hell may be able to atone & may God show Mercy on these souls. Amen.

  • Christine GreerFri Jun 15

    Pray for continued healing for persons and their families dealing with addictions.

  • Venatius AgbasiereFri Jun 15

    Please help me pray for my private intentions. God bless priests of the sacred heart. Help me pray for my brother Anthony or his intentions and my sister Vivian.



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