What is the “real” name of the religious community?

Our official name in English is “Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus;” however, we are also known as “Dehonians” in reference to our founder, Fr. Leo John Dehon.

What does “SCJ” stand for?

“SCJ” is derived from the Latin words for our Congregation’s official title: “Sacerdotum Corde Jesu.” The three letters appear after the names of our priests and brothers, and we often refer to ourselves “SCJs.”

How many Dehonians are there?

There are over 2,200 SCJs around the world, and hundreds of lay people who also feel called to the spirituality of our founder, Fr. Leo John Dehon. Together – professed SCJs, lay associates and consecrated virgins –  fall under the wide umbrella of the Dehonian Family.

Where do the SCJs minister?

Headquartered in Rome, we are located in over 40 countries on five continents. In the United States we have ministries in Florida, Mississippi, South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin; in Canada we are located in Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal.

How long does it take to become an SCJ?

The first step is candidacy, which lasts two to four years. This is when a man discerning his vocation lives and studies with the community. The next step is novitiate, an intense year of prayer and study about the history and most importantly, the spirituality of the Priests of the Sacred Heart (Dehonians). At the end of the year a novice can apply to take his first vows with the community. As a temporarily professed SCJ, a man continues his studies for religious life and preparation for ministry as either a brother or priest. Click here to learn more about the process.

How do I become a member?

Would you like to learn more about religious life as a priest or brother? Click here to contact our vocation office or call 414-529-4255.

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