Weekly News: July 29, 2019

Ready for the next step

In preparation for their next steps in formation, postulants and novices spent four days on a directed retreat the week of July 15. They are pictured above with their retreat director, David Schimmel (province director of Dehonian Associates).

On August 14, Hung Pham, Truc Tran, Thien Nguyen and Thuan Nguyen will enter the Novitiate for the Priests of the Sacred Heart, and on August 15, Kodjovi Hubert Liassidji and John Huan Nguyen will make their first profession of religious vows. Please continue to keep them in prayer.

John (far left) and Hubert (signing book) during their Entrance to Novitiate last year. On August 15, they will profess their first vows.

RSVP reminders

Entrance to Novitiate: The Entrance to Novitiate ceremony will take place on August 14 at 4:30 pm at the Sacred Heart Novitiate. All SCJs and candidates are invited to attend. HOWEVER, please let the novitiate community know if you are coming so that they can plan for food needs.

RSVP to: Bugmandau2002@yahoo.com or message Amy Hittman on Facebook by August 8 (next week, Thursday).

First Professions: Hubert Kodjovi Liassidji and John Huan Nguyen will make their First Profession of Vows on Thursday, August 15, at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology / Sacred Heart Monastery. Mass is at 4:30 p.m. and a reception and dinner will follow. Again, all SCJs and students are welcome.

RSVP by August 5 (a week from today!) to provadm@usprovince.org or 414-425-6910.

Fr. Antonio Maria Resende and Fr. Wojciech Adamczyk


The general administration approved the transfer of Fr. Wojciech Adamczyk, SCJ (pictured on the right), from the Polish Province to the US Province as of July 28 (yesterday). Also, Fr. Antonio Maria Resende, SCJ (left), was approved for transfer from the Brazil – Sao Paulo Province to the Canadian Region as of July 16, 2019.

Keep in prayer

Fr. Jim Walters, SCJ, asks for prayers for his cousin, Chris, who is dealing with cardiac issues; he was scheduled for bypass surgery, but after showing signs of improvement, the surgery has been postponed. Also, Fr. Jim asks for prayers for his Aunt Frances, who is dealing with an aggressive viral infection in her intestinal tract.

Fr. Vincent Suparaman continues his recovery process following open heart surgery last week; although he is generally doing well, there were some complications related to diabetes. Fr. Gary Lantz spent a night in the hospital for observation last week following a TIA (minor stroke). Please continue to keep both in your prayers.

Please remember

Br. Marcellinus Petrus Peeters, SCJ, a member of the Dutch – Flemish Confederation, died July 23. He was born in 1935 and professed in 1956.

Participants at the Indonesian Eucharist at SHSST

SHSST hosts Indonesian Eucharist

“In this digital era – where internet and gadgets determine our communication – it becomes more and more important to focus ourselves on the real presence of others, to be an attentive listener like Mary was in the story of today’s Gospel,” said Fr. Adji Wilasa, O.Carm. He was the main celebrant and homilist at a Mass on July 21 with members of the Indonesian Catholic Community of Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology hosted the Eucharist; approximately 80 people took part.

“It was an opportunity to celebrate Eucharist in our native language: Bahasa Indonesia,” said Fr. Albertus Joni, an SCJ from Indonesia doing graduate studies at Marquette University. “Fr. Wilasa reminded us to be fully aware of God’s presence in our daily encounters with others, especially those whom we meet daily.”

Besides Fr. Joni, concelebrants included SCJ Frs. Wayne Jenkins and Hendrik Ardianto. Fr. Wayne did seminary studies in Indonesia; Fr. Hendrik is an Indonesian student at SHSST.

Br. Duane Lemke, SCJ, superior of Sacred Heart Monastery, welcomed the visitors to a lunch filled with Indonesian delicacies. After, Fr. Joni gave a short presentation on the Dehonian charism, the history of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, and how North American SCJs have served the Indonesian people with both financial and personnel resources. Fr. Tom Fix, SCJ, originally from the United States, devoted much of his life to Indonesia, as did American Fr. Mark Fortner, SCJ. Fr. Wayne is the founder of UKI (Umat Katolik Indonesia), a community of Indonesian Catholics in Toronto.

The Sunday gathering ended with prayer around the Sacred Heart Shrine on the grounds of Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology.

Intercultural communication is more than words

Frater Henry Nguyen, SCJ, shares a photo of himself (glasses, 4th from left) with fellow CPE students who took part in a July 9-10 workshop titled “Intercultural Competencies – Challenges and Implications for Leadership and Ministry” at the Mexican American Catholic College in San Antonio. Designed for clergy, those preparing for ministry, social workers and other professional caregivers, the workshop helped participants become more aware of communication in an increasingly intercultural environment. It is a communication that goes beyond words that requires an appreciation and awareness of a variety of cultural traditions.

Fra. Henry, a seminarian at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, is doing CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) this summer through Christus Santa Rosa Health System in San Antonio. He will return to SHSST for the fall semester.

Happy birthday!

Those celebrating birthdays in August include Fr. Steve Pujdak (76) on August 2, Br. Peter Mankins (90) and Br. Bernard Taube (87) on August 8, Fr. Paulin Makiala (41) on August 9, Br. Ray Kozuch (74) on August 22, Br. Frank Snider (73) and Br. Frank Presto (64) on August 28, and Fr. Herman Falke (91) on August 31.

And a special birthday greeting to Fr. Peter McKenna, SCJ, in Toronto, who turns 70 today. Happy birthday to all!

Fr. Tom with Indian SCJs and students after the blessing of the computers

Social awareness and computer blessings in India

Fr. Tom Cassidy, SCJ, who is assisting with the formation program in the District of India, recently wrote about the students’ “social action day.” The Dehonian students broke into three groups to learn about social concerns near the school. The groups were named Matthew, Mark and Luke after the Synoptic Gospels in honor of Fr. Charles Brown’s three-week course with the students on the topic in May and June.

“Those who visited the hospital spoke of the problems faced by patients,” wrote Fr. Tom. “For example, the long waits to see doctors because the doctors work not only in the central hospital but often in private hospitals as well. In addition, the quality of food or at times the lack of food other than bread was an issue for some patients, as was the overall cleanliness of patient rooms. One question left unanswered among the students: What, if anything, can they do about it?”

Click here to read more from Fr. Tom’s journal entry on the province blog.

Memphis TV station features SHSM

“It’s a place for those seeking hope and a little bit of help when times get tough,” states WREG News Channel 3 on its website. “Sacred Heart Southern Missions serves five counties in northwest Mississippi, providing services in emergency situations and for people living in poverty.”

The Memphis television station featured SHSM in its “Bright Spot” series.

“Reba Brown was one of the hundreds of people who have turned to them in their time of need,” continued the station’s write-up. “She worked in home health for years and never thought she would be a Sacred Heart client. That was before she lost her mother and her job…

“Brown used Sacred Heart as a way to get back on her feet, collecting groceries and even money for her electricity bill.

“‘It’s hard to see people hurting like that and through no fault of their own,’ said Laura Grisham, the communications manager for the organization, adding that SHSM prides itself on being a voice of compassion for those who may not have it for themselves.”

Click here or on the image above to view the video clip by WREG.

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