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We are the Priests of the Sacred Heart – Dehonians!

We live in community, are inspired by daily Eucharistic Adoration, and in a fragmented world we believe unity to be possible.

Our ministries are diverse, as are our members. Yet our goal is the same: to work with a common heart in service to God’s people, reflecting the love of Christ as experienced by our founder, Fr. Leo John Dehon.

Are you called to a life of prayer and service based in the love of the Sacred Heart? Are you called to religious life as a priest or brother?

Have a question, ready to learn more? Email our vocation director at:, or call us at 800-609-5559.

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Students pitch in to help the homeless

“We think it is important to show people that they are cared for,” said Postulant Jacob Smith. He, along with the rest of the student community at Sacred Heart Monastery teamed up with Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology to raise money for Guest House, an organization that provides shelter, housing, education and other services to Milwaukee’s homeless. During their spring break, the Dehonian students prepared 100 meal bags for Guest House clients and had enough money leftover to make a financial contribution to the organization. Take a look at their efforts in the video above, and hear the students talk about their involvement with Guest House.

Our new postulants leading prayer

Three new postulants!

During Adoration with the community at Sacred Heart Monastery on January 21, Jonathan Nguyen-Vuong, Jacob Smith and Michael Wodarczyk entered postulancy in preparation for the novitiate. Fr. Andrzej Sudol, SCJ, is the postulancy director. Fr. Ed Kilianski, SCJ, received the postulants.

“It’s a joy for me to welcome the three of you into postulancy,” said Fr. Ed to the candidates. “In the prayer of reparation we heard these words: ‘Leo Dehon taught us to see in the rejections of your love, the source of injustice and cruelty in our world.’

“No truer words are more real today than when this prayer was written and when Fr. Dehon walked in our world,” said Fr. Ed. He continued to quote from the prayer of reparation: “Touch and illumine our hearts, O God, so that we might love as Jesus taught us. May we identify with our brothers and sisters, value the differences among us, and collaborate with them in healing the wounds that divides us.”

“May each of you, Michael, Jacob and Jonathan, may you spend your time in postulancy learning how to help heal a broken world,” concluded Fr. Ed. “This is what we are called to do as Dehonians, to be not only prophets of love but especially, servants of reconciliation.”

Click here to view photos from the ceremony. They are also available on the province Facebook page.

Click here view a recording of the livestream of the ceremony. Fr. Andrzej gives an introduction at 6:47 in the recording; the Admission to Postulancy begins at 24:30.

A few of our videos

Learn about our students, our formation program, and our religious community through the short videos and news items below, many of which were produced by the students themselves. View more on our DehoniansUSA YouTube channel. Have a question, ready to learn more? Email our vocation director at:, or call us at 800-609-5559.

In other news…

FIRST PROFESSIONS – Fr. Byron Haaland (novice master) Frater Thuan Nguyen, Frater Thien Nguyen, Fr. Joseph Quang Tran (representative of Vietnam), Fr. Ed Kilianski (provincial superior), Frater Hung Pham, Frater John Tran Van Truc and Fr. Andrzej Sudol (associate novice master)

Four profess first vows!

“Why do you want to profess vows with the Priests of the Sacred Heart; why do you want to be a Dehonian?”

This was the question posed to Thien Nguyen, Thuan Nguyen, Hung Pham and Truc Tran a week before they professed their First Vows with the Priests of the Sacred Heart. Each spent a year in novitiate trying to answer that question for himself, a year of seminars, prayer, reflection and service. Many hours were spent learning about Fr. Leo John Dehon and Dehonian spirituality, learning about religious life, and in particular, religious life as an SCJ.

“Why do I want to profess vows with the Priests of the Sacred Heart?” wrote Frater Thien Nguyen, SCJ. “It is simple. I want to be a prophet of love and a servant of reconciliation based in the spirituality of Fr. Dehon.”

Frater Hung Pham, SCJ, said that he made the decision to profess vows because he wanted to be a Dehonian who “lives in the spirit of love with affirmation, understanding and acceptance.”

Reflecting on the SCJ Constitutions, Frater John Tran Van Truc , SCJ, said that for him, his decision is based in Constitution No. 27: “This consecration itself already has a real apostolic fruitfulness. Like every charism in the Church, our prophetic charism places us at the service of the saving mission of the people of God in today’s world.”

And for Frater Thuan Nguyen, SCJ, the answer requires few words. Why did he become a member of the Priests of the Sacred Heart? “To love as I am loved.”

The four novices professed their first vows of poverty, chastity and obedience during a small ceremony at Sacred Heart Monastery. Due to the pandemic, the liturgy was only open to SCJs in the local area; for others, livestreaming was available on Facebook (click here to view the video). Fr. Ed Kilianski, SCJ, provincial superior, received the vows of Frater Hung, who is now a member of the US Province, as well as those of the three novices for the District of Vietnam (Fraters Thien Nguyen, Thuan Nguyen and Truc Tran). Fr. Joseph Quang Tran, SCJ, associate pastor at St. Martin of Tours in Franklin, WI, was the representative of the district; Fr. Francis Vu Tran, SCJ, was unable to be at the ceremony in person.

The newly professed are now members of the Sacred Heart Monastery community where they will continue their formation and academic studies. Click here to read more about them.

Click here to view an online photo album of the ceremony. An album is also available on the US Province Facebook page.

Click here to view the Mass booklet from the First Professions.

Click here to read the homily given by Fr. Ed Kilianski.

The newly professed are pictured at the top of the page: Frater John Tran Van Truc, Frater Hung Pham, Frater Thuan Nguyen and Frater Thien Nguyen

Seminarians from around the world in song

Click on the image above to hear our Dehonian scholastics (students) from around the world sing “Charitas Christi Urget Nos.” Jacob Smith, a student for the US Province, is among those featured. The video was put together by Christian Hofer, an SCJ scholastic from Indonesia.

Summer ministry in Houston

Two of our Dehonian students, Michael and Frater Paul, are based at Our Lady of Guadalupe Houston for their summer ministry assignment. There, they have assisted with pastoral ministries such as funerals and baptisms, as well as daily and weekend liturgies. Both have also been asked to lend a little elbow grease, helping with renovations in the parish office. Michael and Frater Paul are pictured above in front of Martha’s Kitchen, a soup kitchen near OLG. The students regularly volunteer at the ministry.

“I was hungry and you gave me food”

Sacred Heart Southern Missions’ summer food program in northern Mississippi got underway last week with two locations (Walls and Holly Springs). The daily program offers free, nutritious meals and snacks to children 0-18. Many of the children served by SHSM qualify for free or reduced cost lunches during the school year. Programs such as this are critical for families who struggle to provide two or more meals each day during the summer for themselves and their children. COVID-19 has compounded the situation, especially in the case of parents who have seen their wages cut or even lost their jobs.

Previously, the program was a sit-down dinner. This year, to maintain safety procedures, all meals and snacks are prepared to go. Several of our Dehonian students are pictured here working with the program: Fraters Huan and Hubert.

Celebrating the life of George Floyd

Frater Paul Hoang, SCJ (right), and Fr. Rafael Querobin, SCJ, were among the clergy and religious who took part in the George Floyd Candlelight Vigil June 8th at Jack Yates High School in Houston. Floyd was an alumnus of the school. “As Dehonians, we are called to be present in these moments, sharing our fraternity and solidarity,” said Fr. Rafael, who is an associate pastor at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Houston. Frater Paul is an SCJ seminarian at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology doing summer ministry at OLG.

Come and See!

Fr. Quang is pictured here with Alejandro, one of the participants in a recent “Come and See,” an opportunity for young men discerning a vocation to religious life to literally “come and see” the Priests of the Sacred Heart (Dehonians). Are you discerning a call to religious life, to the priesthood? Contact our vocation director at or call 800-609-5559 to learn how you can Come and See!