Meditations on the Cross

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On Wednesdays and Sundays during Lent we are sharing “One-Minute Meditations” on the Cross, from the writings of our founder, Fr. Leo John Dehon. The last meditation will be posted on Easter. Click here to receive the meditations by email.



March 4, 2015

O Peter, poor disciple, you swear you do not know Jesus? You yourself proclaimed him the Son of the Living God, the Divine Master who had the words of life. You swore to die for him, to be faithful to him even if all should betray him. Where does the glance of Jesus go? He looks at Peter. How beautiful was this glance! What expression in those divine eyes whose love and tender reproach penetrate the heart of St. Peter. How good Jesus is to those who have the misfortune of offending him through weakness! How compassionate he is to those who fall! The glance of Jesus reveals to us his merciful Heart.

Leo John Dehon, SCJ, The Love of the Sacred Heart II, 2nd Mystery, 4th Meditation


2nd Sunday of Lent, March 1, 2015

Jesus has just announced to the apostles his imminent death and the betrayal of one of them. They are, nonetheless, heedless. They go with him to Gethsemane and there they fall asleep, even the three chosen ones. Indeed, it was a complete abandonment. Oh, how much the loving Heart of Jesus suffered!

Leo John Dehon, The Love of the Sacred Heart II, 1st Mystery, 2nd Meditation


February 25, 2015

Coming into the world, Jesus gave himself entirely to God from the first instant. He pronounced his “Behold, I come,” in the womb of Mary. The subsequent life of Jesus was no more than the development and the execution of this first act. “I go to Nazareth, to the crib, to exile, to my hidden life, to my public life, to my apostolate, to persecutions, to my agony, to the cross, and to the tomb. Behold, I come.”

Leo John Dehon, SCJ, The Love of the Sacred Heart I, 1st Mystery, 5th Meditation



First Sunday of Lent, February 22, 2015

There are no big or small crosses; there is only very little love or great love. Let us love, and then it will be easy for us to climb the hill of Calvary and heavy crosses will become light.

Leo John Dehon, SCJ, The Love of the Sacred Heart II, 1st Mystery, 1st Meditation


Ash Wednesday, February 18, 2015

“I always love voyages and I make a beautiful one every day, in the best of company. I make the Way of the Cross with Jesus, Mary, and John. Oh, what a beautiful voyage! What a beautiful pilgrimage full of emotion, grace, and tears!”

Leo John Dehon, SCJ, Daily Notes 1912