Weekly News: April 25, 2011

Fr. Vincent Suparman after Easter Mass in West Papua in 2010. "From one mission to another," he said. This year he celebrated Easter in rural South Dakota.

Happy Easter!

The Fridge Notes are being posted on a Tuesday this week since the Provincial Offices were closed yesterday in observance of Easter.

This was an Easter that had many SCJs traveling, including Fr. Tom Cassidy, who is in Rome.  Who took him to the airport for his overseas travels?  Fr. Francis Vu Tran, back in Milwaukee for a short break from his studies in Rome.

As noted last week, Fr. Bernie Rosinski spent his Easter in the Philippines, where he is helping the district prepare its handbook, as well as assisting students with their English studies.  Taking his place in South Dakota for Easter was Fr. Vincent Suparman.  Originally from Indonesia, Fr. Vincent will be joining the pastoral team in Lower Brule.  “From one mission to another,” he said.  He spent his last Easter in Apouwo, West Papua, a remote mission that generally can only be reached by plane.

The above photo is of Fr. Vincent following the Easter Mass at Apouwo last year. “After the Mass I went to the rectory to have my corn bread, sweet potatoes, and a few slices of Australian cheese that I brought from town,” he said. “But I had to eat fast because I was told that many children were waiting for me outside. They wanted a photo taken me before they walked home.”

Again, happy Easter!

Congregational Home updates

Please note that the suite available to SCJs as a chapel at the Congregational Home is 2206.  The suite number mistakenly given last week is Fr. Steve Wiese’s room.

Also, Fr. Larry Rucker has moved to assisted living at the Congregational Home.  He is in Apt. 2103.

Prayer request

Fr. Jerry Clifford: Fr. Jerry learned yesterday that he has lung cancer.  Please keep him in prayer as doctors discuss options for treatment.

Please remember

Fr. Gilbert Righettini, a member of the Franco-European Province, died on April 17.  He was born in 1934, professed in 1958 and ordained in 1967.

Earl Herdegen, a former SCJ, died on April 18.  Many SCJs who have stayed in Pinellas Park, Fl., might remember him; he often visited the SCJ community there to see friends such as Bishop Joseph DePalma.  In recent years Mr. Herdegen lived in Raymondville, Texas, where Fr. Richard MacDonald met him.  “He was praying from one of the old SCJ prayer books and when I entered the chapel he said to me ‘Vivat Cor Jesu!’” said Fr. Mac.  They soon struck up a conversation and Fr. Mac learned about his history with the SCJs.


Br. Frank Presto: He had a follow-up visit to the Mayo Clinic last week to check on the progress of reconstructive surgery on his face.  Br. Frank said that doctors are pleased with the healing.  Although he has a staph infection at the site of the surgery, swelling has gone down and the affected eye is slowly opening and color is returning to normal.  Doctors estimate that he has another four weeks of recovery before he goes to his eye doctor to reevaluate his prescription.

Fr. Johnny Klingler: He writes that “last week Fr. Bill Pitcavage and I drove to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I wanted a second opinion concerning my cancer.

“After two sessions with the oncologist and an examination and some blood work, and after one session with the neurologist and an examination, I was told that I do not need any treatment at this time. The cancer is ‘dormant’ so to speak. I will have to have my blood checked for the rest of my life because this particular cancer is incurable. I was told that I will probably have this done every five to six months.

“Regarding the neuropathy, which is the only symptom that I have from the cancer, I do not need any medication at this time. It is a low grade neuropathy and I have no pain. I will probably have to check in with my neurologist every six months or so.

“Thank you for your prayers!”

Searching the website

Recently, there have been a few questions about searching the province website. Please note that there is a search feature in the “News” section of the site.  Click on the “News” tab (second from left).  At the top right side of the News section, or any page within the section (including Fridge Notes, Photos, To the Letter and SCJ News), there is a “search box.”  Type in a name, place or news item and hit the “search” button.  The website will then list all the instances in which your search topic appeared on the site.

Making the “gift” of death

We have begun a new section in the Members’ area of the province website titled “Articles of Interest.”  As the title would suggest, it will feature articles that may be of interest to SCJs.  Soon, we will have a similar area available in the general area of the website.

The first article posted is from Fr. Jim Schroeder and is from the Jesuit Bulletin.  “It may seem strange to speak of the gift of death,” writes Fr. David L. Fleming, SJ. “For anyone who professes faith in Jesus Christ there is the attempt, every time we celebrate the reality of the Eucharist, to live the reality of making to God a gift of death. Living this reality does not come easy because of both traditional understandings of death and present cultural denials of death.”

The article is available from the menu on the right of the Members’ page.  SCJs who need assistance in accessing the Members’ section should contact Mary Gorski.

Our thanks to the Jesuits, who have given permission for use of the article on the website.  Please contact Mary Gorski if you have an article that you would like to suggest for the site.

Provincial’s time

This week Fr. Tom Cassidy is in Rome for CMSM meetings. For those keeping up on the lost bag saga, you will be glad to know that Fr. Tom and his suitcase were reunited on Saturday.

Fr. Tom will be in Rome until May 5, getting home just in time for Sacred Heart School of Theology’s graduation on May 6.  May 9-11 he has council meetings (including the annual budget reviews), and then heads to Washington, D.C. for meetings. May 21 he will be in San Antonio for Dn. Greg Schill’s ordination to the priesthood, and May 23-24 he and the rest of the council will be in Chicago for a meeting with the administration of the Canadian Region.

Upcoming meetings and events:

May 1: Easter Concert, 2 p.m. (SHST)
May 9-11: Provincial Council meeting (budgets)
May 17 & 19: Masses for the anointing of the sick, (SHST) 1 p.m.
May 21: Dn. Greg Schill’s priesthood ordination (San Antonio)
May 23-24: North American councils meeting (Chicago)
June 11: Ordination of Dn. Duy Nguyen to the priesthood (Sacred Heart Monastery)
July 1: Feast of the Sacred Heart, Mass at SHST, 11 a.m.
Week of July 11: Province Assembly, Hales Corners, Wis.
August 30-31: Provincial Council Meeting
October. 2: Pet Blessing (SHST)
October 4-5: Provincial Council Meeting
November 14-16: SCJ Retreat, Pinellas Park
December 14-15: Provincial Council Meeting
December 18: Advent Concert, 2 p.m.