Weekly News: April 7, 2014

Fr. Mark Mastin at last week's Cincinnati Reds game.
Fr. Mark Mastin at last week’s Cincinnati Reds game.

SCJ honored at Reds game

Fr. Mark Mastin, a chaplain in the US Army who just returned from a tour in Afghanistan, was honored last week at a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. “I told the Reds that I was only a representative for those heroes who are still fighting as well as those who lost their lives,” he said.

Fr. Mark will be in Hales Corners for a visit later this week.

New name approved for SHST

As of the 2014-15 academic year Sacred Heart School of Theology will be known as “Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology.”

The request came to the council in March as a part of the school’s strategic planning process. “A position paper was presented to our council,” said Fr. Stephen Huffstetter. “We reviewed all the previous discussion and feedback. [The name change had first been proposed in 2010.]

“The name change acknowledges that the mission of SHST is multifaceted. It is both a seminary, since all four pillars of seminary formation are in place there, and it is a school of theology, reaching out to the wider church. While endorsing the name change to make it clear that seminary formation is one focus, the council also asked for a broad and creative development of the MA program and more outreach to laity who want to deepen their theological education and training.

“With that in mind, we decided that the incorporation of the word “seminary” in the name is now appropriate as an aid to recruiting sponsors and fulfilling the strategic plan of the school.”


On March 25 the Philippines welcomed eight novices, including three men from Vietnam.
On March 25 the Philippines welcomed eight novices, including three from Vietnam.

Philippines and India welcome novices

Novices in India cut their celebratory cake
Novices in India cut their celebratory cake

On March 25 (the Annunciation) eight postulants were admitted to the novitiate in the Philippines. Five are Filipinos and three are Vietnamese. The ceremony took place at the novitiate in Lower Lucoban, Dumalinao in Zamboanga del Sur Province. Click here to view photos from the celebration.

Last Friday, April 4, the Indian District welcomed 10 novices. “Being the first Friday we had a whole day of Adoration as a conclusion to the retreat and the main ceremony in the evening,” said Fr. McQueen Mascarenhas, novice master.


Fr. Jim Schroeder’s home land line was incorrectly listed in the online directory on the province website. The correct number: 314-968-3765

An updated PDF of the online directory is available from the Members’ section. This can be downloaded for use on smart phones and other mobile devices. For help in doing this, or in accessing the Members section, contact Mary Gorski.


C Brown with students

Another one for the album

Fr. Charles Brown shares another photo from his visit to the Indonesian Province. Here he is with students at the SCJs’ Yos Sudarso Dehonian High School in Sumatra, Indonesia. Fr. Charlie will be giving talks to the scholastics in Yogyakarta during Holy Week.

Reflecting on aging

The most recent update to the Dehonian Spirituality page on the province website includes a refection on aging from Fr. Tony Russo.

“As I think about aging, I recognize it intellectually, after having reached my 75th birthday last October,” wrote Fr. Tony.  “But often, my spirit, my heart blocks this reality.  At the same time, my body will tell me something very different: diminishment of energy, resilience, and resourcefulness…

“Most of my life I have felt in control of the outcomes in my life.  But now as I am aging, I am not in control of my agenda as much as I am learning it’s the Lord’s agenda that is more important…

“I am a son of Fr. Dehon and as I age, his two mottos, Ecce Venio (I Come To Do Your Will) and Adveniat Regnum Tuum (Thy Kingdom Come) are what keep my journey going.”

Click here to read Fr. Tony’s full reflection, as well as comments from Fr. Dehon on aging, reflection questions and a prayer.

The Dehonian Spirituality page is updated each week, generally on Fridays. It is prepared by David Schimmel, director of Dehonion Associates.

Please remember

Dn. Larry Campbell, 71, died March 20. A permanent deacon in the Diocese of Jackson, he spent many years in youth and parish ministry at the SCJs’ Christ the King parish in Southaven.


Fr. Mac, Mom and Fr. Dominic
Fr. Mac, Mom and Fr. Dominic

Hi mom!

When Fr. Dominic Peluse was recently with the Pinellas Park community giving conferences he bumped into another visiting SCJ: Fr. Richard MacDonald. Fr. Mac’s sidekick? His mom, who lives in Florida. The three are pictured above.

Provincial’s time

Fr. Stephen Huffstetter is in South Dakota this week for a visitation. The first part of Holy Week Fr. Steve will be with the formation community in Chicago.