Weekly News: August 26, 2013

SHST faculty, staff and administration for the 2013-14 school year.
SHST faculty, staff and administration for the 2013-14 school year.

Back to school

As new seminarians were finding their way to Sacred Heart School of Theology last week, faculty and staff were also getting ready for the new semester. Monday was a day of reflection for all employees of the seminary. This year’s focus was “Who do you say that I am?” with discussion springing from the major themes of Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki’s 2013 pastoral letter. Seminarians for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee receive their academic training at SHST.

Returning seminarians made their way back to SHST over the weekend; classes begin today.

New student; familiar face

Among the new students settling in at Sacred Heart School of Theology this fall is someone very familiar to the seminary – Fr. Bernie Rosinski. Now retired and a member of the SCJ community in South Dakota, for many years Fr. Bernie served in various capacities SHST.

Fr. Bernie Rosinski
Fr. Bernie Rosinski

Why, at the age of 79, is Fr. Bernie heading back to school? It’s not that he doesn’t already have a full academic CV. Among the schools from which he has earned degrees: the Gregorian University in Rome, Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and Ball State University in Muncie, Ind.

Reflecting on the return to school Fr. Bernie writes that “I am a candidate for a master’s degree in Sacred Scripture. I have generously been given credit for some previous studies and have chosen the thesis track. I hope to pick up 12 credits in this fall semester which I am required to spend at SHST. When the courses are successfully completed, I will only need six more credits. The program will also require a thesis.

“Why return to school? Why tempt fate? Why deliberately stumble over these facts: that I now nap in the morning and afternoon, that my memory is not what it once was, that my eyes do not see what they once were able to see?

“Interest and desire! Scripture is where God’s revelation to the human race is recorded. And I want to learn more about his revelation and how to discern his word and meaning. A formal degree program will help keep my nose to the wheel and help me be motivated when discouraged, for I dread the possibility that my reputation among my SCJ brothers would be forever sullied should I be a ‘drop-out’.”

This semester Fr. Bernie is taking Synopics, John and the Catholic Epistles, and Pauline writings. He is also auditing a course in Greek.

Prayer request

Fr. Jan de Jong asks for prayers for two of his brothers. Wim de Jong was in the hospital last week as part of his on-going treatment for cancer, and Reinier de Jong was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fr. Jan will go to Holland to visit them in October.

Please remember

Br. Josef Arndt, a member of the German Province, died August 19. He was born in 1959 and professed in 1981.

Br. Henricus Heesters of the Dutch-Flemish Confederation died August 21. He was born in 1937, professed in 1960 and professed in 1966.


Dehonian youth in Brazil for WYD
Dehonian youth in Brazil for WYD

Message from Dehonian youth at WYD

Young people with SCJ youth organizations from around the world came together prior to and during World Youth Day in Brazil. Recently, they wrote a message to the wider Dehonian Family that was published on the generalate’s website. It begins:

Logo-oficial-EJD-2013“In the meeting in Taubaté and Río de Janeiro, from 19th to 28th of July 2013, we, young Dehonians, representing all continents, want to express the happiness of experiencing unity and fraternity. During this time we felt the meaning of Fr. Dehon’s ‘Sint Unum.’

“The generosity of the families, communities and parishes in Taubaté and Río de Janeiro was more than the ‘open door’ of their houses: they opened their hearts’ door, like the Heart of Jesus welcomes everybody…

“We want to implant the Kingdom of the Heart of Jesus and start new challenges: for this new time we need new works… For this reason, we suggest to the congregation, especially the general government, the creation of an International Commission of Dehonian Youth, where both young people and religious, can reflect and work together on the spirituality of young Dehonians…

“We are all invited: Walk in Love! (Eph 5: 2) In the company of the Sacred Heart of Jesus we want to make our footprints in the history of the Congregation.”

Click here to read the full text in a variety of languages.

Click here to view photo albums posted by SCJ youth at WYD.

Happy birthday!

Among those celebrating birthdays in September: Fr. Aegidius Warsito (48) on Sept. 1, Fr. Gustave Lulendo (40) on Sept. 4, Fr. Steve Wiese (79) on Sept. 11, Fr. Tom Burns (75) on Sept. 12, Fr. Johnny Klingler (78) and Fr. John Czyzynski (76) on Sept. 14, Fr. Greg Speck (66) on Sept. 17, Br. John Monek (84) Sept. 18, and Fr. Joseph Dinh (44) on Sept. 24. Happy birthday!

Fridge Notes

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If you are an SCJ in North America and have not responded to the invitation to the September North American Continental Conference, please contact Carole Johnson (cjohnson@shsm.org, 662-342-3324) to let her know whether you will or will not attend be there. Conference organizers need to plan not only for lodging but for meals and materials.