Weekly News: August 29, 2011

Frater Joseph Vu renewed his vows before the beginning of the new school year in Chicago. He is one of seven students in this year's formation program for the province.

Back to school in Chicago

New candidate James Nguyen

Candidates at the Dehon Formation Community in Chicago are already back at school. Joining Juan Carlos Castañeda Rojas, Justin Krenke and Anthony Nguyen is new candidate James Nguyen of Seattle. James starts his first semester at Catholic Theological Union, while Justin and Juan Carlos are at Xavier University, and Anthony is at Harold Washington University.

Br. Clay Diaz, Frater Fernando Orozco Cardona and Frater Joseph Pham Vu also return to the formation community following their summer programs.


Br. Frank Presto
Home phone:  414-525-2444

Fr. Peter Mastrobuono has a new address as of September 1:
Fox Hall Apartments
8222 Kingsbrook Road, Apt. 438
Houston, TX 77024
His cell phone is the same:  713-398-6999

Please remember

Fr. Chris Jenkins at the 2003 General Chapter

Fr. Frans Cuyckens, a member of the Dutch-Flemish Confederation, died August 26. He was born in 1920, professed in 1941 and ordained in 1948.

Fr. Chris Jenkins, a former SCJ of the British-Irish Province, died August 23 of leukemia. He was 51. Members of the U.S. Province may remember him through his retreat work; he was also a delegate to the 2003 General Chapter. In recent years Fr. Chris completed a doctorate in psychotherapy and served on the staff of St. Luke’s Centre in Manchester, England. He was also editor of the journal, Thresholds, and served as chairperson of a national organization of counselors who worked with faith and spirituality.

World Youth Day in the books

Volunteers from the Spanish Province hosted SCJ-sponsored youth groups from around the world during World Youth Day last week. Prior to WYD activities, many of the young people took part in a four-day European Dehonian youth assembly.

Organizers set up a website with photos, videos and write-ups about the days. The main site is in Spanish; however, there are also sections in English. Click here to view it.

An American in India

As reported previously, Fr. Tom Cassidy was in India for two weeks to take part in the ordinations of 11 SCJs.  During his travels he maintained a journal. That journal, along with photos, will be posted on the province website later this week.

“Our day began bright and early!” wrote Fr. Tom on August 10, the day of one of the two ordination ceremonies. “One of the students is in charge of ringing a hand bell to announce the coming day, or activity of the day. We were told the night before that the wake up call would be at 05:30; however our anxious bell ringer gave us all a 04:30 revelry!

“The ordination mass was said in Malayan and since Bishop Virginio [Bressanelli] does not speak or even understand it the local pastor was the lead celebrant except for the ordination rite itself. That part was done in English. Our students speak English rather well, though at times their accent can make it difficult to understand, but it’s a two way street as my flat Midwestern accent caused some problems for them…

“It goes without saying that the church was packed to the gills. It has no pews, in fact, no chairs, but is simply an open space where the people stand, kneel and sit. Consequently it can hold a lot more people than you think when looking at the church from the outside.

“Bishop Virginio did a wonderful job and was his usual warm self with the men to be ordained… At the end of the Mass before the final blessing the bishop knelt in front of each of the newly ordained priests and asked for his blessing, after which he kissed his hands. Believe me, it went over big with the people. It is something, they said, they have never seen. Needless to say Bishop Virginio’s humility and warmth carried the day.”

Again, check the province website later in the week to read the full diary. There will also be a link from the province Facebook page when it is posted.

Fridge Notes holiday schedule

Next week’s Fridge Notes will not be published until Tuesday, September 6, due to the Labor Day holiday. The Provincialate Offices will be closed on Monday.

Fr. Jim Brackin and Richard and Mary Lux help piano movers place the Luxes' donated piano at SHML.

A musical donation

Dr. Richard Lux, Professor Emeritus of Scripture Studies at Sacred Heart School of Theology, and his wife, Mary, have been downsizing their possessions after a house fire. One of the beneficiaries of their efforts is the new Sacred Heart at Monastery Lake. The Luxes donated their spinet piano to the residence; it was moved into place last Thursday.

The Luxes are living in an apartment while renovations are being done on their house. Dr. Lux is retired but continues to be active with the Lux Center for Catholic Jewish Studies at SHST.

Provincial’s Time

Fr. Tom Cassidy has Provincial Council meetings August 30-31. On August 31 he also has the opening Mass for Sacred Heart School of Theology. September 5 is the installation of the local superior of Sacred Heart Monastery.  The installation will take place at 5 p.m. in the main chapel.

Upcoming meetings and events:

August 30-31: Provincial Council Meeting
September 7: Installation of SHM local superior, 5 pm., main chapel
September 28: ESL Cultural Fair
October 2: Pet Blessing (SHST)
October 4-5: Provincial Council Meeting
October 17-20: European Conference on Secularity (Frs. Tom Cassidy of the U.S. Province and Fr. Bill Marrevee of Canada will attend the conference in Clairefontaine, Belgium)
November 8-9: Combined Councils Meeting of the U.S. and Canada (Ottawa)
November 14-16: SCJ Retreat, Pinellas Park
December 14-15: Provincial Council Meeting