Weekly News: February 21, 2011

In an interview with NCR Fr. Tom Cassidy talked about the changing face of the Catholic church, noting that the U.S. Province has become much more multicultural in recent years. Here, Fr. Cassidy (right) is pictured with the province's newest members, Fraters Joseph Vu (an American of Vietnamese descent) and Fernando Orozco Cardona (originally from Colombia). Fr. John Czyzynski, novice master, is on the left.

The changing face of the church

“The church is becoming a Third World church in many ways,” said Fr. Tom Cassidy, in an interview last week in the National Catholic Reporter.  “I don’t mean it in a pejorative sense.  The church has new roots –– African roots, Asian roots.  I spent 12 years on the general council and the real advantage to me was living outside my own culture, seeing the world from a different perspective.  I think this has certainly helped enrich my religious life, my congregation and the church.”

Fr. Tom, provincial superior of the U.S. Province, was interviewed by NCR in his role as president of the Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM).  Reflecting on the challenges of this international shift in the church, Fr. Tom said that “It certainly does bring a challenge.  I would say many communities in the U.S. have members that come from other parts of the world, whether it be Latin America or Africa or Asia.  And that’s a new reality.

“In my own community, we have a number of Vietnamese.  And I have learned to enjoy and celebrate Lunar New Year.  Which is not something we would have done before –– it just wasn’t part of our experience.  You know they bring that part of their tradition and we have learned to embrace it.  It does create challenges of dealing with different cultures, different world views, different traditions.  You become a melting pot.”

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A second “final” book

A new piece of art created by Fr. Herman for his upcoming book.

Fr. Herman Falke thought that his eighth book, published when he turned 80, would be his last.  Two years later, he is in the midst of his tenth, done in collaboration with Fr. Piet Schellens of the Dutch-Flemish Confederation.

“Upon my retirement I came upon a major project that I had wanted to do for years – compose a book of my best biblical sculptures combined with contemporary reflections,” said Fr. Herman, a member of the Canadian Region.   The book will include approximately 110 works based on biblical passages.  Most of the sculptures to be featured are ones that he has already done, but “I did six new ones to fill in a few gaps.”

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SCJ cardinal writes about Pope John Paul II

“A book by theologian Cardinal Stanislaw Kazimierz Nagy pays tribute not only to Karol Wojtyła [Pope John Paul II] but also to one of Wojtyła’s collaborators, Fr. Tadeusz Styczeń,” reports www.zenit.org. 

”Witnesses of the Great Pope is available in Polish as part of the library series of the Catholic weekly Niedziela of the Archdiocese of Czestochowa.”

Cardinal Nagy, 89, is a member of the Priests of the Sacred Heart and was named by Pope John Paul II as a non-voting member of the College of Cardinals in 2003 in recognition of his theological work. Cardinal Nagy taught at the Catholic University of Lublin at the same time as Father Karol Wojtyla and served as a member of the International Theological Commission from 1986-1996

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As noted in the Zenit piece, English translations of some of Cardinal Nagy’s writings can be found at www.niedziela.plClick here to go to a listing that includes several of the cardinal’s texts.

Please remember

Fr. Stanislaus Roosman, a member of the Indonesian Province, died February 15.  He was born in 1942, professed in 1962 and ordained in 1971.

Fr. Dorvalino Eloy Koch, a member of the Central Brazilian Province, died February 15.  He was born in 1920, professed in 1943 and ordained in 1948.

Fr. Giovanni Agostino Chiappa, a member of the North Italian Province, died February 21.  He was born in 1914, professed in 1932 and ordained in 1940.

Béatrice Légaré, the aunt of Fr. Maurice Légaré, who died February 19 at the age of 103.

Lillian E. Malkowski, the mother of former SCJ John Louis Malkowski (he professed vows in 1961 along with Bishop Joe Potocnak and Br. John Monek).  Mrs. Malkowski died February 20.  Condolences can be sent to John at 5 Ternbury Square Unit E-3, Nashua, NH 03060-6913.  His email: jlmalkowski@hotmail.com,  and his phone is 603-888-1997.

Esther DiLeo, the mother of Fr. Rick DiLeo, died February 20.  Arrangements are pending. Condolences can be sent to Fr. Rick at 2405 Navigation Blvd., Houston, TX 77003-1599.  Fr. Rick’s email:  rdileo@juno.com

Keep in prayer

Fr. Larry Rucker did not have cataract surgery as scheduled last week because he suffered a stroke.  He is now at the Congregational Home for rehabilitation in Rm. 1153; phone: 262-781-1249.

Fr. Chuck Wonch was hospitalized at St. Luke’s in Milwaukee on Friday because of abnormalities in his blood levels.  Doctors continue to work to bring his calcium and magnesium levels to an acceptable level.

Fr. Robert Tucker is being treated for what appears to be a detached retina.  He went to the emergency room over the weekend and is seeing an eye-care professional today (February 21).

John Albers, the brother-in-law of Fr. Tom Cassidy, will undergo surgery on February 23 for early stage lung cancer.  The surgery will take place at St Joseph’s Hospital in Milwaukee.

Almost a hole in one

Bishop Joe Potocnak had what he calls an “almost hole in one” last week.  He got his golf ball in the hole in a single shot, “but it was the second one I hit; the first went somewhere way over the hole so I had to hit again.”

So, an impressive shot… almost.

Happy birthday!

Those celebrating birthdays in March include Fr. Joe Dean (64) and Fr. Zbigniew Morawiec (46) on March 3, Fr Jim Brackin (65) on March 4, Fr. Terry Langley (61) on March 12, Fra. Joseph Vu (25) on March 13, Fr. Pat Lloyd (69) on March 17, Fr. Richard MacDonald (72) on March 18, Fr. Charles Brown (57) on March 19, Fr. Frank Wittouck (73) on March 23, Bishop Evert Baay (90) on March 24, Br. Gabe Kersting (89) on March 27 and Fr. Frank Burshnick (74) and Fr. Jim Schroeder (67) on March 30.

2011 Jubilees

The province jubilee celebration will take place the first evening of the Province Assembly, July 11.  Those celebrating jubilees this year include Frs. Vince McDonald, Charles Yost, Richard Johnston and Tom Lind (60 years of vows); and Br. John Monek and Bishop Joe Potocnak (50 years of vows).

Also this year, Fr. Leonard Tadyszak celebrates his 60th anniversary of priesthood and Fr. Jerry Clifford notes 50 years of ordination.

Meetings set

The Provincial Council has set its meeting dates for the rest of the year:

August 30-31
October 4-5
December 14-15

The rest of the meeting dates are listed below.

Calendar updates

February 17-18: Provincial Council meeting
March 1-2: Local superiors (coordinators) meeting
March 21: Deadline for SCJ feedback on proposed Mexico project
March 29-30: Provincial Council meeting
May 9-11: Provincial Council meeting (budgets)
May 23-24: North American councils meeting (Chicago)
Week of July 11: Province Assembly, Hales Corners, Wis.
July 11: Province Jubilees
August 30-31: Provincial Council meeting
October 4-5: Provincial Council meeting
November 14-16: SCJ Retreat, Pinellas Park
December 14-15: Provincial Council meeting

Provincial’s time

Fr. Tom Cassidy is in Florida this week for CMSM board meetings.  He will be back in Hales Corners next week.