Weekly News: May 22, 2017

Fr. Anthony baptizes a student at St. Joe’s.

End of the year at St. Joe’s

Fr. Anthony Kluckman, chaplain at St. Joseph’s Indian School, used the school blog to summarize some of St. Joe’s end-of-the-year activities. The following is a “summarized summary.” Click here to read it in full.

From the blog: It was a very grace-filled day for St. Joseph’s as 27 of our students received the sacraments. Nineteen were fully initiated through Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion.  Two students, previously baptized in another Christian tradition, made a profession of faith in the Catholic Church, were Confirmed and received First Communion. Six others who were baptized Catholic as infants, made their First Communion. Each fall, parents and guardians submit a consent form indicating if they would like their child to take part in sacramental preparation.  There is no requirement that a student here at St. Joseph’s must be Catholic, but we are happy to work with a family and their student if they so desire.

This year, St. Joseph’s has 16 eighth grade graduates. Two students, who will be returning for St. Joseph’s High School Program, are “lifers” (meaning they have been at St. Joseph’s since first grade).

Last Wednesday, we held our annual Spring Concert. The highlight was the First Graders’ singing of “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, stomp your feet, and shout” all done in Lakota.  They even got the audience involved.

And finally, the Wienermobile came to Chamberlain as part of a promotion campaign.  What made it special was that the driver, Isaac, is the son of Herb, who was an employee at St. Joseph’s in the 1980s.


Hung Pham


Over the weekend Hung Pham, 30, was accepted as a candidate for the Priests of the Sacred Heart. He is from Houston, has a degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Houston, and currently works as an analyst. He will enter the formation program in August and begin his studies in philosophy.

June birthdays

Those celebrating birthdays in June include Fr. Vincent Suparman (54) on June 5, Fr. Louis Marie Kayamba Butari (61) on June 6, Fr. Ed Griesemer (87) and Br. Ben Humpfer (73) on June 9, Fr. Roger Phaneuf (79) on June 19, Fr. Yvon Sheehy (67) on June 18, Fr. Nick Brown (75) on June 22, Fr. Paul Tennyson (74) on June 23, Br. Matt Miles (78) and Fr. Francis Vu Tran (41) on June 26, and Fr. J. Claude Bédard (77) on June 28. Happy birthday!


SHSST graduates

Congratulations graduates!

Earlier this month Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology celebrated the graduation of: Deacon Leo W. Blasi, Diocese of Salina; Deacon Adam J. Bradley, Louisville; Deacon Daniel R. Dorau, Davenport; Nnaemeka Marcellinus Emeh, Society of the Divine Savior; Deacon Francisco Javier Franquiz Arroyo, Memphis; Deacon Peter J. Kieffer, La Crosse; Deacon John W. Martin, Fort Worth; Deacon Michael C. Neeland, Society of the Divine Savior; Deacon Thang Duc Nguyen, Memphis; Virginus Onyekachi Osuagwu, Society of the Divine Savior; Deacon Mark K. Ouma, Lexington; Deacon Matthew R. Rappl, Green Bay; Deacon Rubén Villalón Rivera, Memphis; Deacon Steven J. Langenbrunner, Duluth with master of divinity degrees.

Receiving the master of arts degree was Fr. Ferdinand Lukoa, Society of the Divine Savior, and our very own Fr. Bernard Rosinski. Receiving his certificate in priestly formation: Deacon Michael C. Martin, Louisville.

Keep in prayer

Fr. Gary Lantz had heart surgery last week; he continues recovery at the hospital but is doing well. Also, Fr. Charles Yost continues to be treated for a number of significant health concerns. Please keep both in your prayers.


Some of the many faces of the Dehonian Family

Dehonian Family continues to build “Sint Unum”

Last week we noted that the Dehonian Family was meeting at the Generalate in Rome May 13-16. “Sint Unum, a spirituality of community: life and mission” was the theme of the conference. In preparation for it, representatives of the Dehonian Family were asked to complete a questionnaire to help the coordinating group get a better sense of the Dehonian Family throughout the world, including its needs and concerns.

In analyzing the results it was no surprise to see a wide diversity among the groups. They range in size from just a handful of members to some that are in the hundreds, and even thousands. Many entities have structures at the national, and in some instances (such as Latin America), continental level. Funding comes from a variety of sources, but very few have an organized program for ongoing financial development. Formation varies as well, though many are now utilizing the Spiritual Path in some form.

Meeting participants discussed the areas of focus identified in the questionnaires. Some involved communication, especially via the internet. Communication is vital in helping members of the Dehonian Family feel connected to each other, to build the “Sint Unum” that was the theme of the 2017 gathering.

The International Coordination Committee:

Formation at all levels is essential in spreading the charism of Fr. Dehon. It can be an invitation to others, or ongoing spiritual nourishment for those who have been with the Dehonian Family for many years. Many smiles are found in the “family photo” taken at the Dehonian Family gathering. Just as with any family, it is good for members to come together in assembly, to have a family reunion.

Communication, formation and assemblies – good ideas were suggested regarding all three. But as with most good ideas, there is the question of “who and how?” Who will be responsible to bring these ideas to fruition?

Overwhelmingly the delegates to the Dehonian Family Conference agreed that there needs to be an International Coordinating Group to continue the work of the ad hoc committee. Ideally, that group will work in collaboration with a secretary or coordinator at the general level.

One of the last acts of the Dehonian Family Conference was to endorse the members of the coordinating group. Several names are familiar because they also served on the initial ad hoc committee established in 2014: Fr. Bruno Pilati, SCJ, Rosalie Grace Escobia and Silvia Bertozzi. New is Vincent Bruono Cavalcanti de Oliveria. Their term is for three years.

Click here to read more on the province website.

Click here to view photos from the gathering.


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Church speaks to international concerns

Fr. John Czyzynski, a member of the Province JPR Commission, shares a link to a news article that he thinks may interest many SCJs. Published May 3 on the Crux website, it features the input of Margaret Archer, the president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Science. She spoke about how the Catholic Church is targeting international non-governmental organizations, such as the United Nations, to promote policies to bring about social change.

As Europe “gets weaker and more fragmentary,” said Archer, “it will have to develop new ways of handling international problems… No nation in a time of multinational capitalism – financialized capitalism – is capable of working on a national basis, it’s all globalized.”

Since there is not a “government of the globe,” she said that international organizations such as the UN and ILO (International Labor Organization) are the only authorities that are up to the task.

“Carbon emissions, asylum seekers, terrorism: These are our three biggest problems, and they are all international problems, they are not national problems,” she said.

Archer said the Church has “been very wise… It has not gone for having a direct impact on national governments, it’s gone for the international non-governmental associations.”

Click here to read the full article.

Provincial’s time

Fr. Ed Kilianski returns from Houston today and will be in the office through Wednesday. After a brief time away, he’ll be back in Hales Corners as of May 31. The following week he will take part in the Province Jubilees and Assembly.

Memorial Day

The Provincialate Offices will be closed next Monday, May 29, for Memorial Day. There will be no Fridge Notes published next week. The next issue will be on Monday, June 5 (Assembly Week!). As always, be sure to check the province Facebook page for news items.

Also, please note that the Provincialate Offices start the summer schedule next week. Staff (including SCJs) will work longer days Monday through Thursday and take off on Friday afternoons.