Weekly News: May 6, 2019

Three receive Ministry of Lector from Fr. General

Fr. Carlos Luis Suarez Codorniú, SCJ, superior general, spent much of last week in the US Province, primarily for meetings in the Milwaukee (Hales Corners) area. During his visit, he joined the Novitiate Community for prayer and dinner on Tuesday, and on Thursday, May 2, he conferred the Ministry of Lector on three of our Dehonian seminarians: Fraters Henry Nguyen, Phong Paul Hoang and Huan Duy Pham.

Fr. Carlos Luis talks about the Ministry of Lector

“Enjoy the Word and share the Word,” said Fr. Carlos Luis to the three seminarians, who are students at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology. Fraters Henry and Paul are members of the US Province and Frater Huan is from the Vietnamese District. St. Joseph’s Chapel was filled with members of the Sacred Heart Monastery community and several guests from SHSST.

“I give thanks to God for my vocation with the SCJs. I am grateful to the community for giving me an education, the gift of community, valuable ministry experiences, personal growth, and most importantly, a love for the Heart of Jesus,” said Frater Paul, 26, when professing his vows last year.

Frater Henry, 30, was Frater Paul’s novitiate classmate. About his own vocation, he said that it “calls me to do love in all things. By being ‘Henry of the Heart of Jesus,’ I feel that it is my duty to respond to the lack of God’s love in the world, by spreading God’s love to where people need it most. By becoming an SCJ, I take on a social responsibility, a tug to be present with others.”

Frater Huan, 33, did his initial formation in the Philippines and professed his first vows in 2017. “What was significant in helping me to make my decision to join the Priests of the Sacred Heart was the pierced Heart of Jesus from which I saw a true source of love, hope, and fulfillment of my life,” he said. “Dehonians, in their own charismatic way, essentially attracted and impacted me with their motto of being ‘Prophets of Love and Servants of Reconciliation.’”

Click here to view an online photo album from Fr. Carlos Luis’ visit, including pictures at the Novitiate and at Sacred Heart Monastery. The pictures are also available on the province Facebook page.

Two days before the Ministry of Lector ceremony at SHM, Fr. Carlos Luis visited with the Novitiate Community.

Keep in prayer

This week, students at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, as well as undergraduate students at Marquette University in Milwaukee, are taking their semester exams. Please keep them in prayer

Also, Fr. Ralph Intranuovo, SCJ, was hospitalized last week with a kidney stone. He is said to be doing much better.

Thank you

Br. Frank Presto, SCJ, shares the following: “My sister Tina and I would like to thank everyone for your thoughts, support and prayers last week as we laid our mother, Rita, to rest. Your care and compassion helped as we grieved, remembered and now begin to move forward. Thank you!”

Please remember

Fr. Camille Braun, a member of the SCJs’ Franco-European Province, died May 2. He was born in 1932, professed in 1953 and ordained in 1959.

Sr. Dolores Enderle, OP, died May 4 at her motherhouse in Racine, WI. Sr. Dolores served in Sacred Heart Southern Missions for many years and was instrumental in writing the grants that helped obtain the financing necessary to build Dehon Village and the Dehon Learning Center. She also obtained the financing for the playground at Dehon Village and the creation of the revolving loan fund for the scattered site housing. In addition to the more routine sources of grants, Sr. Dolores began contacting religious communities asking for money for a variety of SHSM’s educational, social outreach and housing programs.

Bridget Martin (second from left next to Fr. Stephen Huffstetter) at the March Dehonian educators meeting

US Province represented at international educators meeting

Earlier this spring, Bridget Martin, principal of Sacred Heart School in Southaven, MS, took part in a continuing series of international education meetings led by the General Administration in Rome.

Dehonians serve in over 50 schools around the world, ranging from small parish-based elementary schools to high schools and universities. Recognizing the diversity of both the context and purpose of each school, there has been a continuing effort to create a greater Dehonian awareness in the institutions and a sense of collaboration.

“Our work as an international committee of Dehonian Educators serves to strengthen our dedication not only to quality education but to teaching students that we are one in serving others,” said Bridget. “Our local communities have unique challenges and opportunities but they strive to highlight acceptance and service to all. The work of the committee to develop common themes, networks and practices highlights the solidarity of Dehonian education throughout the world.”

Click here to read more in a recently posted story on the general website.

Mark your calendars!

A few events to note:

Dehonian Esprit de Coeurs Reunion of Former SCJs and Seminarians – The June 10-11 reunion is being organized by the Dehonian Associates Office and will take place in Hales Corners. Participants will be present at the Province Jubilee Celebration as well as the opening session of the Province Assembly. Questions? Contact David Schimmel at dfschimmel@juno.com.

Province Jubilees – The Province Jubilees will take place on Monday, June 10, at 4:30 p.m., at Sacred Heart Monastery. Invitations are going in the mail this week. The RSVP deadline is May 29 (a response card is in the invitation). Those celebrating jubilees this year: Frs. Ed Griesemer and Paul Casper (70 years); Fr. Tom Westhoven and Br. Andrew Lewandowski (60 years); Frs. Jim Walters, Yvon Sheehy and Terry Langley (50 years); Fr. Ralph Intranuovo (40 years); and Fr. Praveen Kumar Richard (10 years).

Province Assembly – The Province Assembly will be June 10-14 in Hales Corners, beginning with the Province Jubilee Celebration. Fr. Anthony Gittins, CSSp will be one of the presenters. Author of the book Living Mission Interculturally, he will lead several discussions on intercultural living and ministry. The North American Migration Commission will facilitate a presentation on migration. Several other activities are in the planning process, including a brief visit with the newly named president-rector of Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, Fr. Raúl Gómez-Ruiz, SDSALL SCJs, NOVICES AND STUDENTS in the US and Canada are invited to the assembly. If you have not yet responded, click here to do so.

If you have difficulty registering online, please contact Mary Gorski at mary.gorski@scjcommunications.org or call 414-427-4266. There is space on the registration form to indicate if you are unable to attend. For questions about the assembly itself, please contact the organizing committee chairperson, Fr. Vien Nguyen, at: vienguyenscj@gmail.com

Mission Education – The next Mission Education Conference will be October 12-13 at St. Joseph’s Indian School in South Dakota. Last week, a letter went out via email to SCJs in the US Province and Canadian Region from Mike Tyrell, president of St. Joseph’s. In it, he invites SCJs, but also those with whom they minister, to the conference. Questions? Contact Mike Tyrell at: mtyrell@stjo.org

St. Joe’s students on a “puppy rescue”

St. Joseph’s students help with puppy rescue

“That one right there – that’s my favorite,” said Rudy, a student at St. Joseph’s Indian School, pointing to one of eight puppies in a photo on a mobile phone.

“Well, then you have to get your grades up if you want to go on the trip with me,” responded Maija, St. Joseph’s residential support, as she put the phone back into her pocket.

The trip Maija was referring to was a rescue mission for Almost Home Canine Rescue, where Maija volunteers in her free time. The organization contacted Maija for assistance in moving a group of unwanted puppies from the Lake Andes area to their new home.

A chance to rescue puppies was all the motivation Rudy and a few of his classmates needed to get their work done. Within just a few days, the high school students turned in all of their missing assignments and raised their grades.

“They put in the work, so they reaped the reward of going on the trip!” said Maija.

Click here to read more on St. Joseph’s blog.

Closing shot

Last week, we featured Br. Brian Tompkins, SCJ, as a part of the province’s commemoration of International Religious Brothers Day. In Texas, the community at Our Lady of Guadalupe shared their appreciation for one of their own Dehonian brothers: Br. Andy Gancarczyk, SCJ.

“Join us in thanking Br. Andy, a member of the Priests of the Sacred Heart and now Director of Religious Education, for his five years of dedication and ministry to our community,” shared the community on the parish Facebook page.

Reflecting on his vocation, Br. Andy said that “In my own vocational journey I have often been asked why I want to be ‘just’ a brother or why I don’t go ‘all the way’ to ordination. And I am always trying to explain that the priesthood is not my vocation.

“While we should value the gift of the priesthood, I think it’s important that we also remember the origins of religious life as a lay movement, particularly as we embrace the universal vocation of mission and service, a mission that isn’t only for ordained ministers.”