Weekly News: September 12, 2016


The meaning of “remembrance”

Fr. Frank Wittouck, SCJ, a retired Army chaplain, wrote about what “remembrance” means to him as the United States commemorates the 15th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Fr. Frank
Fr. Frank

“It is really quite significant that our country sets a specific day apart to recall one of our recent tragedies as a nation,” he began. “September 11 is a National Day of Mourning and Remembrance for those who died in the terrorist attacks in 2001. Remembering sad events is one way that helps me grow as an SCJ priest. Sad events have a big impact on my life and I try to recall them in a redemptive manner, not in a morbid, negative manner. It also challenges me to live out the spiritual work of mercy of comforting the afflicted or sorrowful…”

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Sacred Heart Southern Missions was named the Mid-South Food Bank’s “Feed the Need Agency of the Year!” Mid-South is a member of Feed America, a national network of food banks. It works with local agencies, like SHSM, to distribute the food that it collects to the needy.


Graphic from www.dehon.it

Reflecting on a saint

Fr. Stephen Huffstetter was among the SCJs who attended the canonization of Mother Teresa on September 4. Being there reminded him of how he first came to know about the Missionaries of Charity, the congregation that she founded.

“During novitiate a large group (perhaps 15 or so) Missionaries of Charity Brother novices participated in our weekly inter-community novitiate classes,” wrote Fr. Steve in a reflection on the congregational website. “Our SCJ house was located in a quiet retreat center in the high desert of California. The MC Brothers’ formation house was in a former warehouse in the heart of Los Angeles’ busy Skid Row.

“After our morning class we spent the afternoon accompanying the Brothers as they made their rounds to serve people in the neighborhood. At first, the people we encountered, especially those wasted on cheap booze or high on drugs, scared me. But they showed us how to approach the people I wanted to walk away from, and to build trust and relationship. They had no money to give, only their time and attention.

“When we stayed overnight, we rolled out thin bamboo mats in one large common room and slept side by side. For a 22-year-old, getting up in the morning was a chore, but rising at 5 am as they did seemed insane to me. They spent a full hour in silent prayer and meditative reading in the chapel before community prayer and Mass. I slowly began to go beyond the internal clutter and discover how that type of prayer is so necessary to find the space for a busy apostolic life.”

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Fr. Tom Lind, SCJ
Direct phone: 727-350-0037

Fr. Gregory Murray, SCJ
192 Daly Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1N 6E9 CANADA
Phone (home) 613-236-9196

Fr. Paul Tennyson, SCJ
192 Daly Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1N 6E9
613-203-0623 (cell)
613-526-7170 X2358 (work)

Fr. Gustave N’dotoni Lulendo, SCJ 
2830 Boul. Gouin est
Montréal, QC H2B 1Y7 CANADA
Phone (HOME) 514-388-7611

Also, several weeks ago the Canadian Region welcomed a new member, Fr. Giovani Pontes, SCJ. His contact information:

St. Thomas More Parish
1 Dormington Dr.
Scarborough, ON M1G 3M9 CANADA
Phone: (St. Thomas More) 416-439-1545
Phone: (cell) 647-984-6337
Email: gio_pontes@yahoo.com.br

Please remember

Tom Delulio, a 1975 graduate of Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary, died September 5 of Leukemia. Fellow classmate, Michael Shuler, shared the information.

Thank you

Fr. Wayne Jenkins, SCJ, thanks SCJs and co-workers for their cards and prayers following the death of his Aunt Bertha.



Il Nostro Frutto 2016

The SCJs’ International College community in Rome recently published the 2016 edition of “Il Nostro Frutto,” a summary of the community’s past year. The text is in Italian, but the photos are generally understandable in any language.

Click here to download a PDF of the publication, or click on the image above to view it online.

Bethsaida Archaeological Expedition presentation

Several of those who have taken part in the Bethsaida Archaeological Expedition will be sharing their experiences during a lunch session on Friday, September 16, in Classroom 2 of Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology. SHSST is the only Roman Catholic Seminary that sponsors an archeological dig in the Holy Land.

Those attending the presentation are welcome to bring their lunch with them from the dining room. Next year’s trip will be May 29-June 2017.

Directory reminder

Nancy Gray and Br. Frank Presto, SCJ, are working on a new printed edition of the North American personnel directory (phone numbers and addresses). They plan to send it to the printer on September 16. Please contact them ASAP if you have an update of your phone number, email or postal address. Nancy’s email: provadm@usprovince.org and Br. Frank can be reached at: provsec@usprovince.org

As always, SCJs can also access an online directory in the Members’ section of the province website (www.sacredheartusa.org). The directory link is at the top of the left column in the Members’ section.

A PDF of a text-only directory is available for download at the top of the online directory page. The PDF was last updated on September 7, 2016. The online directory is updated as we receive changes; the PDF is updated approximately once a month. Directions for printing the directory so that you can use it as a 24-page 8.5 x 5.5 booklet are next to the download link.

Provincial’s time

Fr. Ed Kilianski, SCJ, has council meetings this week, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, he’ll visit briefly with SCJs taking part in the Interviewers’ Workshop hosted by the Admissions Board.

Starting in October, Fr. Ed will be spending much of his time in airports, going to Mississippi for Mission Education October 8-12 and from there, flying to South Dakota for board meetings October 12-13. A few days later he goes to Buffalo, NY, to visit family before heading to Toronto for the North American council meetings October 17-18.

This week in history

Saturday, September 17, is the 130th anniversary of Fr. Dehon’s perpetual profession of vows. He did so with six other members of the congregation, the first to make their final profession. “This is a great day for the congregation,” wrote Fr. Dehon about the perpetual profession. “I have not felt the effect of grace so strongly since my ordination. Today I feel the trust of what I have read about religious profession.” [Lettres Circulaires; circular letters of Fr. Dehon]

Closing shot

Last Thursday, September 8, 44 SCJs in North America celebrated their anniversary of profession. For many years the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was the date upon which SCJs in the US and Canada professed their first vows. Those celebrating an anniversary included:

Fr. Claude Bédard (1960), Fr. Nick Brown (1967), Fr. Michael Burke (1956), Fr. Tom Burns (1958), Fr. Frank Burshnick (1966), Fr. Paul Casper (1949), Fr. Tom Cassidy (1962), Fr. John Czyzynski (1956), Fr. Jan de Jong (1957), Fr. Joe Dean (1966), Fr. Joe Doscher (1966), Fr. Herman Falke (1949), Fr. Mark Fortner (1962), Fr. Tim Gray (1967), Fr. Ed Griesemer (1949), Fr. Paul Grizzelle Reid (1967), Fr. Wayne Jenkins (1967), Fr. Richard Johnston (1961), Fr. Johnny Klingler (1963), Fr. Anthony Kluckman (1966), Fr. Tom Lind (1951), Fr. Pat Lloyd (1962 – NOTE: on the province Facebook page and in Fr. Ed Kilianski’s email to SCJs last week we had a typo and listed Fr. Pat’s profession year as 1952), Fr. Richard MacDonald (1957), Fr. Bill Marrevee (1956), Fr. Vince McDonald (1951), Br. John Monek (1961), Fr. Dominc Peluse (1967), Fr. Roger Phaneuf (1961), Bishop Joseph Potocnak (1961), Fr. Bernie Rosinski (1952), Fr. Tony Russo (1957), Fr. Peter Sanders (1961), Fr. Jim Schroeder (1963), Br. Frank Snider (1965), Fr. Greg Speck (1966), Fr. Leonard Tadyszak (1944), Fr. Walter Van As (1944), Fr. John van den Hengel (1958), Fr. Rein van Leeuwen (1949), Fr. Tom Westhoven (1959), Fr. Steve Wiese (1955), Fr. Frank Wittouck (1957), Fr. Richard Woodbury (1965) and Fr. Charles Yost (1951).

Pictured below is the novitiate class of 1956, which includes Fr. Michael Burke and Fr. John Czyzynski who celebrated their 60th anniversaries of profession this year.

Happy anniversary!