The dual work of mercy and teaching

This morning, as I handed the statue of the Infant Jesus to someone to carry up to the manger, I thought to myself, “This is each child I teach. Jesus is divine and human, body and soul, corporal and spiritual. So, too, are my students,'” wrote Sr. Margaret Sue Broker, a teacher at Sacred Heart School in Southaven, MS. “…The act of teaching is an amazing corporal and spiritual work of mercy.” Click here to read Sr. Margaret Sue’s full reflection.

Weekly News: January 25, 2016

Local communities respond to the needs of migrants and refugees; prayer requests; address updates; February birthdays; Fr. Dominic Peluse reflects on the impact of Dehonian spirituality on those with whom the SCJs are in contact; first general visitation begins in India; Fr. Ed Kilianski’s February schedule

Weekly News: January 18, 2016

Martin Luther King Day reflections; update from Sacred Heart Southern Missions on December storm damage in Holly Springs; new vocation video; Fr. Tom Cassidy writes from India; prayer requests; information and a request from the NORAM Immigration Committee; latest SCJ News available; provincial’s calendar.

Weekly News: January 11, 2016

Six-Year Program of the General Administration released; Fr. Jan de Jong reflects on impact of the founder on his own views of social justice; Akta Lakota Museum continues to receive high marks; Fr. Tom Cassidy heads back to India; prayer requests; recent publications available from the Generalate; group being organized for World Youth Day in Poland; Fr. Kilianski’s calendar.

Weekly News: January 4, 2016

Sacred Heart Southern Missions reaches out to help those affected by December storms in Holly Springs; Pinellas Park community celebrates Fr. Tom Burns 50th anniversary of ordination; prayer requests; latest Dehon Study Center e-publication available; SHSST’s Lux Center in the news; details coming together for Divine Heart Seminary reunion; new staff member in the vocation office; a Dehonian resolution; and Christmas celebrations with the SCJ community in South Dakota.

Inspired by the social mission of the Church

“I firmly believe that we are true followers of the Founder who was passionate for social justice,” writes Fr. Jan de Jong in this week’s Dehonian Spirituality. “Being a young priest and the seventh curate in San Quentin, in northern France, Fr. Dehon’s heart was deeply touched by the plight of the laborers’ poor conditions, caused by the industrial revolution. He became the mouthpiece of the social teaching of Leo XIII… Throughout my 58 years as a member of the Congregation, both in Holland and in the United States, I have been challenged to see working for social justice as an intrinsic part of SCJ spirituality, inspired by the example of Fr. Dehon. I am grateful for this gift.”

Devastation in Mississippi

Violent storms tore through Holly Springs, MS., just before Christmas. Two of our teachers at Holy Family School, and the families of several students, lost their homes. On Christmas Eve Sacred Heart Southern Missions staff met with first responders, the Red Cross, a local alderman and the mayor to assess immediate need. Since then, clients have begun to seek our assistance. Most of them have emergency shelter, either with family members or at one of the local motels. We have provided food and clothing and some prescription replacement costs. Extra Angel Tree gifts were also provided for a Christmas party given for the children who were displaced. The Garden Cafe remains open twice a week for those needing a hot meal. The Red Cross will remain in service for another week or so. After that, we expect an influx of people who will need some type of shelter. As clients find housing, we will assist with deposits and utility connect fees, as well as other immediate needs.