Going out to the “real” world

“I have had the pleasure and great opportunity to work as a Coordinator of Religious Education under several SCJ pastors,” wrote Donna Williamson of Christ the King parish in Southaven, MS. “Many things can be taught to our children, but through the influence of the SCJs I have come to realize that it is just as important for us to teach our children to LIVE their faith, which is to take care of the poor, the sick, the lonely, and the lost”

Weekly News: September 12, 2016

The meaning of “remembrance;” Fr. Stephen Huffstetter reflects on Mother Teresa after taking part in canonization; address updates; prayer requests; profession anniversaries; Bethsaida Archaeological Expedition presentation at SHSST; reminders and thanks.

Remembrance leads to works of mercy

It is really quite significant that our country sets a specific day apart to recall one of our recent tragedies as a nation. September 11 is a National Day of Mourning and Remembrance for those who died in the terrorist attacks of 2001. Remembering sad events is one way that helps me grow as an SCJ priest. Sad events have a big impact on my life and I try to recall them in a redemptive manner, not in a morbid, negative manner.

Weekly News: September 6, 2016

Reflections at the start of a new school year; address updates (new printed directory in process); prayer requests; Cameroon provincial superior visits; registration reminders for Mission Education and North American retreats; provincial’s time.

The ministry of education

“When I began my calling to teach, I knew I wanted to help young people achieve their greatest potential inside and outside of the classroom,” writes Bridget Martin, principal of Sacred Heart School in Southaven, MS. “The opportunities I was given as a student, raised in a parish and school served by the SCJ community, empowered me with the knowledge I needed to change lives.”

Weekly News: August 29, 2016

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation; earthquake felt at SCJ community near Assisi; three SCJ communities surrounded by fire in Portugal; Fr. Tom back in India; prayer requests and updates; thanks from a former ESL student; photos from OLG Memorial Mass for Fr. Peter Mastrobuono; remembering former SHSM staff slain Mississippi

How we can help

Many people have contacted us, asking if there is a way that they can help those affected by the earthquakes in Italy, as well as the devastating fires in Portugal. Fr. Massimo Bellillo, SCJ, the provincial superior of the South Italian Province, said that what is needed most is financial assistance so that people can rebuild their homes and businesses. The North Italian Province is directing donations to the local Caritas office. You can also make a donation through the US Province at www.poshusa.org.

Weekly News: August 22, 2016

Start of a new school year; vocation journey began at the top of an electrical pole in Wyoming; reminders for SCJs from the vocation office and Mission Ed organizers; Fr. Paul Grizzelle Reid’s summer teaching in Vietnam; SHSST staff kick off the school year with a day of service; prayer requests and updates.

“What if?”

“What happens after this life?” That’s what Fr. Nick Brown asked himself when he was at the top of an electrical pole in Sundance, Wyoming. It was a beautiful spot; from his perch Fr. Nick could see the Devil’s Tower natural monument. But instead of enjoying the gorgeous view, he started to ask himself “What if…?” And that question led him on a vocation journey straight to the Priests of the Sacred Heart.

Weekly News: August 15, 2016

Fr. Francis Vu Tran installed as district superior in Vietnam; three renew vows; Canadian Region looks to the future at annual assembly; prayer requests; Fr. Anthony Kluckman honored at St. Joseph’s; Fr. Tom Cassidy on his way to India; “Thank you” from an ESL alumnus; provincial’s time