World Day of Prayer for Vocations

Fr. John Czyzynski, SCJ, novice master.

April 25 is 47th World Day of Prayer for Vocations.

“A fundamental element, one which can be seen in every vocation to the priesthood and the consecrated life, is friendship with Christ,” wrote Pope Benedict XVI in his message for this year’s world day of prayer.  “Jesus lived in constant union with the Father and this is what made the disciples eager to have the same experience; from him they learned to live in communion and unceasing dialogue with God. If the priest is a ‘man of God.’ one who belongs to God and helps others to know and love him, he cannot fail to cultivate a deep intimacy with God, abiding in his love and making space to hear his Word. Prayer is the first form of witness which awakens vocations. Like the Apostle Andrew, who tells his brother that he has come to know the Master, so too anyone who wants to be a disciple and witness of Christ must have ‘seen’ him personally, come to know him, and learned to love him and to abide with him.”

To read the pope’s full text, please click here to go to the Vatican website.

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